Sen. Mark Warner – More Power to Death Panels?

Apparently, Mark Warner didn’t get the memo. Voters overwhelmingly rejected the misguided, anti-free market Obamacare law that Republicans rightfully say will result in rationing of health care similar to other countries. Seniors do not want unaccountable Boards telling them their coverage has been slashed because costs happened to exceed estimates this year.

Sorry, you should’ve gotten cancer last year.

Independent Payment Advisory Board.

Obamacare created it, and its job is to ration medicare spending if it grows too fast. Slash. Cut. Deny payment for care. Bye Bye. You’re on your own.

Please tell me how many seniors lives are saved when a 15-member board decides if cancer drugs cost too much. Or a needed operation exceeds “cost projections.”

We can reform health care without death panels who decide how much can be spent this year, and anyone beyond that ration is out of luck.

Supporters claim the IPAB won’t be a death panel – the cuts they make will be “across the board” and not individual case-by-case decisions.

If you get denied, do you really care if your cut was individual or across-the-board?

However, Mark Warner thinks this panel is great! Mark Warner loves this Board so much, he wants it to have more and more power!

In a letter to the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility And Reform, Warner says we need to be “Strengthening and Expanding the Scope of IPAB.”

Look out, seniors! The Wall Street Journal says IPAB will “close Medicare financing gaps by adopting further Medicare cuts that would become effective without any congressional action.”

As it turns out, starting in 2015, decisions on how to cut costs in Medicare will be made by a 15-member Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), which is set to become the all-knowing, all-powerful price control.

According to Peter Ferrara and Larry Hunter, writing in the Wall Street Journal: “there will be additional cuts to Medicare adopted by bureaucrats at the Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board. ObamaCare empowers this board to close Medicare financing gaps by adopting further Medicare cuts that would become effective without any congressional action.”

The board, consisting of 15 “experts” appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate, would operate largely without congressional oversight. The board’s decisions on Medicare reimbursements would become law unless a three-fifths “super majority” of Congress takes action to overturn them. And the board’s decisions are not up for review by any court of law. (PD)

And Warner wants the scope of power of this board “EXPANDED?”

Even Democrat Congressman Pete Stark wants to repeal it. “I intend to work tirelessly to mitigate the damage that will be caused by IPAB,” Stark said.

But Mark Warner likes that bureaucrats on a board have unilateral power to slash and ration Medicare coverage, and wants to expand their reach. To what? My health care?

How much say in our lives does Mark Warner want government to have?

Rationing of health care is the wrong way to contain costs for health care. The wrong way to make health care more cost efficient is establishing a panel to deny coverage.

The right way is to offer more choices and competition. It’s the only way to bring down costs while providing greater access to health care. Anyone claiming to understand a market economy, as Mark Warner claimed during his elections, should know that.

Ironic that for all the Democrats’ attacks about Republicans cutting off seniors from their health care, its the Democrats that actually did it.

Mark Warner’s wrong. Not only do we not need “panels” cutting seniors off of Medicare when they need it the most, but we certainly don’t need to be “strengthening and expanding their scope.”

Wonder what Sen. Webb thinks…

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