Perriello Supporters Catch (and Use) the “Racism As Political Weapon” Meme

NOT SAFE FOR WORK. You might want to keep kids away or turn the volume down… or up, if you want to get the full effect.

Police actually arrived in the first instance… and did nothing.  Much credit goes to the second instance where the officer actually confronted (and defused) the Obama supporter.

Welcome to Charlottesville.

I bring this particular video up for a reason — and not because of the “gotcha effect” but for two serious questions: (1) Here we go again with “racism as a political weapon” again — doesn’t the attack (or at best, baseless claim) in these instances cheapen what is still a very real problem?  (2)  If it was a Republican or Tea Party volunteer doing something similar in downtown Charlottesville that afternoon, would this have been headline news?

Of course, I know the answers I’ll hear.  They are the same ones trotted out in every discussion regarding the different standards conservatives and progressives are held against.  And I have little sympathy for the vast majority of those arguments.

At some point, this sort of behavior deserves universal attention and universal condemnation.  So long as the MSM refuses to address the issue, people will continue to sidetrack themselves from the important stuff (deficits, education, transportation, economy, creating opportunity, etc) and simply brood on the bad play calls from the self-appointed referees.  And that goes for both sides.

(h/t Fifth District Watchdog)

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