DCCC slimes Fimian using crazy blog as “credible” source

Can you sense it in the air? It’s desperation, and I love it. I’ll admit I’ve had my qualms about putting the 11th in the camp of the GOP, but if the rhetoric and some other signs are any indication, Gerry Connolly is in a lot of trouble. First we had the outlandish attacks on Keith Fimian regarding the 17th amendment then about a joke he told. Next we see Connolly losing the fundraising battle BADLY. So bad in fact he’s resorted to using his franking privileges on campaign fliers (and then getting caught AGAIN)and also double-dipping his congressional staff as campaign workers. We’ve even seen Connolly try to fool people Googling Keith Fimian into going to an anti-Fimian site. Connolly has made such a mockery of his campaign that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has been forced to shell out another $1.1 million (bringing the total to $1.5 million), the largest contribution in the country, so Connolly can barely hold onto his seat. In fact no other Democratic Congressional candidate received more than $775,901 in the latest distributions!

So what does that $1.1 million buy? An extremely shoddy ad with lies, more lies, and some sub-par imagery. The ad, which was thoroughly debunked by the Washington Post here, cites an infamous northern Virginia blog as a credible source in the ad. We try to limit the exposure this blog that won’t be named here at Bearing Drift so I’ll leave that tidbit of information out. If you’re really interested then watch the ad and pause it at 5 seconds, but you can probably guess who I’m writing about. If all the DCCC has to promote their candidate is some inane ramblings on this northern Virginia blog then they’re really scrambling. Is this really the best they have?

In any event this race is getting very interesting. An incumbent resorting to these low class tactics is either in serious trouble or just a jerk who gets a kick out of scraping the bottom of the barrel. While we can’t rule out the latter with Gerry Connolly, my guess is this race could swing to Fimian next Tuesday.