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Cuccinelli Blasts Clark, Endorses Hurt in VA-05

Here’s the quote you can’t miss:

Now folks, I have been active in Virginia politics a long time, and Jeff Clarke has never shown up for those battles that conservatives have been fighting for years.

Ouch… that’s painful, and a not-too-uncommon complaint heard by conservatives who were Tea Party while the rest were still being brewed.

Rest of the Cuccinelli statement is below:


Dear Fellow Virginians,

With less than a week to go before November 2nd, Virginia once again is in the middle of the fight for the direction of this country. Virginia will, in large part, have a tremendous role in determining what direction our country will be heading in the next two years.

Nowhere is this more profound than in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, where State Senator Robert Hurt is challenging liberal incumbent and Pelosi rubber stamp, Tom Perriello.

18 months ago, Tom Perriello defeated Virgil Goode by less than 800 votes, despite John McCain carrying the district by several thousand. I have known Robert since he was elected to the State Senate several years ago, where I served at that time. During our time together in the State Senate, Robert consistently demonstrated his commitment to the conservative ideals that we hold dear.

Since July, the national democrats and special interests groups have poured millions into attack ads to save their “pet” liberal Congressman, Tom Perriello. It is amazing than in a district like the 5th, its Representative in Washington could vote so contrary to the will of the people he represents. On every major Pelosi/Obama initiative, Tom Periello has voted “aye”.

He supported the job killing “Cap and Trade” bill.

He supports “Card Check”, which would gut Virginia’s Right to Work laws.

He supported the government takeover of our health care system, despite being told by his constituents in 22 town hall meetings that they wanted him to vote no!

He supported the job-killing ‘stimulus’ bill, which now sits as a financial burden on our children.

And he supports the largest tax increase in American history – due to take effect in two months!

On issue after issue, Tom Perriello has DESERTED his constituents, and voted with Obama and Nancy Pelosi instead. No wonder President Obama has called Perriello his “favorite Congressman”!

Now, in a cynical attempt to deceive voters of the 5th, Tom Perriello has embarked on an effort to drive voters to the independent candidate, Jeff Clarke. Now folks, I have been active in Virginia politics a long time, and Jeff Clarke has never shown up for those battles that conservatives have been fighting for years. I find it strange, almost convenient, that out of nowhere, someone gets on the ballot as an independent, “CLAIMS” he is a conservative, claims he’s a member of the Tea Party (when the Tea Party says he isn’t) – and now, Tom Perriello and the Democrat Party of Virginia are running TV ads and sending mailers, to Republicans and conservatives alike – claiming Robert Hurt isn’t a conservative, suggesting that Clarke is.

My Friends – this is a cynical attempt to suppress conservatives from voting – and it’s a shameless tactic on public display by a desperate politician. I ask you to call your friends, call your neighbors, and if you don’t live in the 5th, but know someone who does, call them and let them know that this deceitful tactic is backfiring …and that a vote for Jeff Clarke – is, well…a vote to leave Nancy Pelosi right where she is – Speaker of the House.