Rigell and Nye neck-and-neck in latest poll; Golden at 5%

WVEC has released a poll conducted by Christopher Newport University professor Dr. Quentin Kidd which shows Scott Rigell barely leading Glenn Nye 41.5% to 41%. Over 12% of the electorate remains undecided.

This is still bad news for the incumbent who has consistently polled at or below approximately 40%. The poll surveyed over 400 voters and was conducted over the period Oct. 15-21.

Kenny Golden, the independent, is polling at 5%. He said that he would drop out of the race if he was not over 10%. However, at this point, I’m not certain whether he stays in the race or not will have much impact. In fact, it could be helping Rigell as disaffected Nye voters see Golden as the alternative.

WVEC conducted a live chat with Dr. Kidd.

Bearing Drift has set up a poll to be conducted in the 2nd District with the University of Georgia, but it costs $3000. If you are interested in helping fund this poll, contact me today at jr@bearingdrift.com.