First Losers Offer Sarah Palin Campaign Advice

I am not on the Sarah Palin for President bandwagon.

In fact she joins the list of people I do not want to be the GOP nominee in 2012. That list includes Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and anybody with the last name Bush.

Still, I find it laughable that people continue to underestimate Sarah Palin and try to give her advice. Some political “experts” do just that in today’s New York Times: Advice for Palin: How to Win Over Iowa

From David Roederer, McCain’s Iowa Campaign Manager:

“When you will see a thousand cheering folks, please be careful not to assume that translates into a vote for president…It can, but it will take several more trips and many one-on-ones. Don’t take my word for it. Just ask President Giuliani or President Thompson. All had big crowds — just no votes.”

Mike Huckabee’s Iowa Campaign Manager Eric Woolson said:

“She is going to have to show that she’s willing to do her homework and study the issues…You can’t just throw something out there on Twitter in 140 letters. She’s going to have to have well thought-out, comprehensive proposals.”

Both of these gentlemen spoke, of course, from their well appointed offices in the West Wing.

Oh. Wait.

See, while Roederer and Woolson may know politics and while they may know Iowa, they don’t seem to know Sarah Palin. And what they and a host of other experts (Karl Rove, please pick up the white courtesy phone) don’t grasp about the mood of the nation with the Tea Parties leading the way is that no one wants any more politics as usual.

Sarah Palin draws crowds because she’s anything but politics but usual. Joe Miller won the nomination in Alaska because he’s not politics as usual. Mike Castle got his fanny shellacked in Delaware precisely because Christine O’Donnell is not politics as usual.

Politics as usual, Democrats and Republicans, got us into this mess.

And we’re very, very skeptical about your ability to get us out.