Nominating Christine O’Donnell (DE) Could Destroy the Tea Party

I volunteered for the O’Donnell campaign in 2008. I am not owed any money nor have I ever received payment from either the O’Donnell or Castle campaigns. Working with her for an election cycle taught me one indisputable fact: Christine O’Donnell is not deserving of ever holding elected office and her nomination will be nothing short of catastrophic to the Tea Party Movement. While Virginians may not be concerned with an election in Delaware, they absolutely should be. The implications for conservatives everywhere are enormous.

While I have some serious concerns about Mike Castle, I realize that he is the best option for Republicans in Delaware. At least he has some record of achievement whereas O’Donnell has never held any public office at any level. It would be one thing to justify a political neophyte as a Senator if they were perhaps a savvy businessperson, but this is not the case with O’Donnell, she has struggled to make ends meet all of her adult life.

Everything being said about her is absolutely true – from her house almost going into foreclosure to failing to graduate from Fairleigh Dickenson for payment delinquencies (then lying about it). She has failed to retain a full-time job for the last 5 years or so, she’s on the brink of losing her license because of speeding tickets, and she still refuses to pay her staffers from her last campaign – including a significant amount to Davy Keegan, a member of the U.S. Navy. Running your own life into the ground is one thing, but to treat a member of our Armed Forces in such a way is disgusting.

It is also true that she was fired from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute for attempting to steal their internal email list. She then turned around and unsuccessfully sued them, claiming sexual discrimination. She may talk the talk of a conservative but she certainly does not walk the walk. Christine is hoodwinking the American people into believing she actually cares about them, but she only cares about herself. Her delusions and dishonesty are unbecoming of any elected official at any level. Conservatives everywhere need to learn that we cannot take all candidates at face value without some proof of their dedication to the cause. Claiming to be a conservative is not enough.

There are more crushing components in her back story that have yet to surface, but they will if she wins the GOP nomination. The Coons campaign is licking their collective chops with a smorgasbord of opposition research that hasn’t yet seen the light of day. This is a warning to conservatives if you nominate O’Donnell: The national media will write off not only her but the entire Tea Party Movement as a laughing stock which could result in its ultimate demise.

It’s time to face facts, we lost the battle in Delaware by backing a candidate in O’Donnell who has conned the American people into believing she is a conservative – she is not. We need to cut our losses, nominate Mike Castle, and regroup for the next battle in November.

  • valentinus

    I don’t know O’Donnell from a lamppost however, if only President Obama and Rahm Emanuel and Joe Moran and Barney Frank and Harry Reid etc etc had a resume with the kind of picayune nits you mention. Apparently it doesn’t bother Democrats one bit and they certainly don’t let each Dem perp walk be a statement on their party. People like O’Donnell are running because Republicans keep getting behind big government liberals in defiance of their base. The Republican base and many independents are afraid for their country from the gangster Dems and their fellow travelers in the Republican party. I haven’t even heard Rep Castle make any apology for some of his more egregious statements. Couldn’t Delaware Repubs find even a centrist candidate in such a promising year? A real failure of candidate recruitment. On top of which the DE Repubs apparently couldn’t even manage any opponent for state AG. Give me a break.

  • VA Blogger

    Christine O’Donnell isn’t running to send a message to big government liberals. She’s running to try to get exposure so she can get a job commenting on social conservative issues. She ran in 2006, finished in third place in a three-way primary, then waged a write-in campaign anyways. She ran again in 2008 and got trounced by Joe Biden.

    As local gop indicated, she’s only in this for herself, not the Tea Party, not the voters, and certainly not the donors who are paying for her rent and living expenses.

  • “I don’t know O’Donnell from a lamppost however, if only President Obama and Rahm Emanuel and Joe Moran and Barney Frank and Harry Reid etc etc had a resume with the kind of picayune nits you mention. Apparently it doesn’t bother Democrats one bit and they certainly don’t let each Dem perp walk be a statement on their party.”

    With all due respect, valentinus, the reason for the double standard is simple: We’re Republicans; we’re better than they are.

  • valentinus

    Dear DJ and VA,
    With all due respect you didn’t respond to my total post but took a sentence out of context. I never said O’Donnell is the best kind of candidate or that Repubs should nominate people like her as in this sentence “Couldn’t Delaware Repubs find even a centrist candidate in such a promising year?” Alan said that O’Donnell will kill the Tea Party, which incidentally is not a formal national organization. I just pointed out the inherent silliness of this kind of talk particularly when the stated infractions he provides are rather nebulous. I also pointed out how Republican party behavior nationwide is contributing to this situation. This is the same party that loved disloyal Dede Scozzofava, Charlie Crist, and other Democrats masquerading as Republicans. How many Sen Jeffords (the guy who flipped the Senate to Dems in 2001) is the Repub party going to go with? I assume the lack of comment on those points indicate your agreement.

  • Sherry

    As an independent, I would vote for Castle.

    As an educated college graduate and military veteran -I’ll vote for nearly any Democrat over this joke – O’Donnell.

    I’d been a Republican since 1973 up until 2004 — when it became clear that the Republican party has been taken over by right-wing Christians who have no agenda beyond getting ready for the Second Coming.

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  • I’m glad to see that someone with direct experience has confirmed my opinion of her based on what I’ve seen of her. Palin is going to regret that endorsement.

  • valentinus

    Liberals like Sherry are scared of Republicans because they’re all crazy Christians but only since 2004! Hhmm… but then what about Dems who seem to be openminded about Sharia law and misty eyed about Islam. Actually neither party has the slightest interest in advancing a national religion truth be told unless you regard state socialism as a religion of sorts. I would have thought Sherry would be happy that Republicans had gotten much more like Dems since 2004 on budget, immigration, health care etc at least until this year. The best antidote to national religions including state socialism is a smaller limited government which has less ability to do all kinds of unpleasant things.

  • Kate

    There are many more people who had this experience with the O’Donnell campaign. Good, solid Republicans who weren’t paid and duped by her. We are so upset that Sarah Palin did not do her homework before she decided to endorse O’Donnell. And the worst thing, is that O’Donnell could win the primary tomorrow and will definitely lose the general election to the democrat.

  • Thomas

    I agree with Sherry. Damn neocons. And as for Dj’s comment:

    “With all due respect, valentinus, the reason for the double standard is simple: We’re Republicans; we’re better than they are.”

    No you are not. You are as bad as they are.


    Alan Moore how much are they paying you? Communists may have bought you off, but we will not take your threats lightly. Christine is a good, conservative woman who deserves that seat and does not deserve your your vicious slurs. GO CHRISTINE!

  • Sherry wrote:


    Sherry, that became painfully aware to me in 1992. It was the 2nd coming and Rapture (not the Blondie song either) even before that, back in the early 1980s. The GOP is going to have to decide if it wants to be a true Goldwater Conservative Party or a National Socialist/Taliban/so-called Christian-Right (wrong) party.

    The so-called “Christian Right” is about as conservative as FDR and the New Deal. This is just a raw deal. Their vision of the future dissects the separation of Church and state, melds them into one huge National-Socialist police state headed by Pat Robinson, and uses tax money to suport their “faith-based” initiatives (I guess they can’t do this without tax money) and ….well you get the rest of their agenda. They are the Taliban with a cross. God save us.

  • John Jackson

    Did I type in Democrats Underground? Why are you so hard on conservative women? There’s nothing substantial in this article…and most posts.

    The Tea Party is for LIMITED GOVERNMENT, FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY and FREE MARKET. They attempt to stay away from social issues.

    Mike Castle is AGAINST REPEALING the Health care bill, Christine SUPPORTS the repeal.

    …and your worried about abortion, gay marriage and bible thumping, gun-toting rednecks.

  • If Mike Castle hadn’t leaned too far left he would be unchallenged in the primary.

    Let this be a warning to Republicans that venture too far off the reservation.

    I would prefer and honest liberal to a sneaky RINO.

  • VA Blogger

    Hey look, its a bunch of O’Donnell supporters who have never visited this site before.

    John Jackson, Christine O’Donnell is a social conservative crusader. That’s the platform she ran on the previous two times she ran for Senate. She has gone on national TV and called for people to stop masturbating. She was fired from ISI for stealing their email list and then turned around and claimed that ISI’s conservatism amounted to gender discrimination.

    And research your facts: Mike Castle is not opposed to repealing ObamaCare (just as he didn’t vote for it in the first place). He just doesn’t think there’s much point in trying to repeal while Obama is still in office to veto. He’s in favor of defunding it, though.

    For people who support Christine O’Donnell because you’d prefer a liberal Democrat to Mike Castle be the next Senator from Delaware, if Castle loses you’ll soon get your wish.

  • Guitarzan

    Gee, every talking point that Castle has ever spouted? That means either a) you’re reading his talking points verbatim, or b) you are the one who gave Castle all his info. Sure sounds to me like you think you should have been paid.

    Mike Castle and Chris Coons are the same thing…a vote for Obama’s agenda. Last time I checked, that agenda was pretty unpopular.

  • sinner

    i have no doubt that one type criminal is any less criminal than another. so i’ll follow thru my primary vote with a vote for the state senate in nov.

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  • I could care less what O’Donnell stands for – my issue is whether or not she can win in Delaware in the general election. We are going to need every single win we can get if we’re going to get the Senate to flip and if we nominate her, we’re handing the Democrats Joe Biden’s old seat. If we nominate Castle, he has a strong chance of beating the Democrat.

    It doesn’t matter what she stands for if she can’t win. And she can’t. She’s got more negatives against her than Alvin Greene.

  • Lat

    Doesn’t it bother you sensible republicans that someone like Gerald Ford or Dwight Eisenhower, and possibly even Richard Nixon could NEVER be nominated in todays GOP? I really question what the republican party wants to be and is essentially twisting in the wind. You are going to win this battle (2010)because people are so angry, but you will lose the war (future elections based on long term demographics).

  • James “turbo” Cohen

    Lat wins a cigar. The GOP is marginalizing the broadly defined disafected center and it is painful to watch.

  • @ VA Blogger – My agenda stretches more than two years when Obama is voted out of office, unless we continue to divide and conquer.

    Let’s see, Mike Castle, a 9-term career politician. HE VOTED FOR CAP AND TAX AND PROMISED HARRY REID TO SUPPORT IT IN THE SENATE. Sounds like a Charlie Christ, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and the ever-so-loyal Benedict Arlene.

    …as for your defunding solution, in 2014, businesses will be tasked with filling out 1099 for any purchases over $600. These are administrative nightmares? In addition, we’re mandated to purchase whatever minimal health care coverage Kathleen Sibelius outlines.

    I can hear the Democrats and Alan Grayson on defunding ObamaCare. We see how that’s working with the jobs bill.

    No wonder they’re going after her personal life, because Castle can’t run on his record.

  • Andrew

    If Christine O’Donnell wins today, the DE GOP and Mr. Castle will have played a part in giving her the edge. As a DE resident, I have seen and heard the smear campaign against her — it has been substantial and unrelenting. It has indeed created a backlash against Castle. If she is so incompetent, then Castle should have exposed her and dispatched her in a debate. Yet he ducked every opportunity for debate. I am curious as to the positions of those posting here, on Cap and Trade? Chime in if you are for it or against it.

  • Joe Taylor

    Castle voted to impeach Bush. That’s all I need to know about that slimeball – I would rather see DE/SEN in democratic hands then to pass up this opportunity to knock out Castle. We can still take the majority without Castle, and that would be the only majority I would want.

  • No one here is going to be in favor of Cap and Tax. That’s not the point. This race isn’t about issues. Castle is a Republican vote for Republican organization of the Senate and there’s no point in saying “he promised to support Harry Reid” on anything because if we win back the Senate, Harry Reid will not be in charge anymore. If Chris Christie endorsed Castle, that should tell you something. O’Donnell is not going to be beat any Democrat in Delaware. Even Castle will have an uphill battle, but he’s got a shot of winning. She doesn’t. It’s as simple as that.

    That vote was not a vote to impeach Bush. Come on. That’s idiotic. That motion was to send Kucinich’s impeachment nonsense to the Judiciary Committee where it would die. Are you guys going to honestly argue that Peter King and Frank Wolf voted to impeach George Bush? They voted aye too. That vote sent Kucinich’s idiocy to committee where it died like it should have.

    You don’t debate the crazy guy standing on a soap box down on the corner. That would be like Jim DeMint debating Alvin Greene. Never going to happen.

    Unfortunately for you guys, no one here is buying your ill-informed nonsense. Hopefully the voters in Delaware don’t either.

  • valentinus

    To All, O’Donnell is a SYMPTOM not the cause of the problem in DE. Mike Castle went on TV last night and said that validation by Democrat Senators (as with Murkowski) is the touchstone for the worth of Republican senators. The problem is the Republican party in DE which didn’t nominate even a centrist and which didn’t bother to nominate anyone for AG. We do not want Republicans who seek validation from gangster socialist Democrats. I do not care whether they are conservative centrist or even moderately liberal (old definition). As long as they adhere unconditionally to the Constitution and only support judges who feel the same. They also must not need validation by gangster socialists. Does anyone remember Sen Jeffords??

    To Lat,

    Doesn’t it bother you that someone like George McGovern, Hubert Humphrey Harry Truman and especially Jack Kennedy could never get nominated by your Democrat party?

  • VA Blogger

    This is why I hate politics. O’Donnell supporters brazenly invent idiotic lies about Mike Castle, and then play the victim card when any of the many legitimate and significant problems with O’Donnell are brought up.

    The worst part is that they’re able to get away with it.

    Fortunately, it all ends tonight. Either Castle is nominated, will win in November, and I can stop worrying about it tonight. Or O’Donnell will get nominated, will lose in November, and I can stop worrying about it tonight.

  • James “turbo” Cohen
  • Andrew

    Brian, what harm will O’Donnell bring to the Senate if elected? I hate the rational that encourages people to vote for someone they do not like by telling them that their candidate cannot win against a future opponent. That’s reinforces the notion of many that there is no point to casting votes in elections because their vote won’t matter. For you to say this race isn’t about issues… I think a lot of folks would have a problem with that statement. Most folks are tired of this “voting block” mentality that you are espousing. That is precisely why the Tea Party has so many supporters from Repub/Dem/Indy camps. Tired of all the politics as usual in Washington.

  • There’s no right to debate, James. That’s hashed out between the candidates. Debating a candidate that doesn’t deserve to be on the ballot only increases that candidates legitimacy. That doesn’t help the other candidate.

    Andrew, the point is not the harm she’ll do if she’s elected – the point is that she can’t GET elected.

    I know a lot of people are tired about the voting bloc mentality, but I’m simply being pragmatic. We can’t stop Obama if we aren’t in control of the Senate or the House. Nominating people who can’t win does not get us towards our shared goals.

    The general elections should always be about issues. But Primaries should be about who has the best chance to win in the general. Rarely does that turn on who believes in which policies because most of the policies of folks in the same party are similar.

    I personally think that if some crazy fluke were to happen and she is elected, it won’t be long before she gets busted on ethics charges.

  • John Jackson

    Future healthcare debate when Castle attempts to defund it: We hear it now every couple of months with a new jobs bill.

    Just tired of the same ole crap…different RINO.

    Castle has already told us how he would vote for Crap and Tax. He is in support of it, no matter how you spin it. On Jun 26, 2009, Castle voted for HR 2454 American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.

    The established Republican Party endorsed Castle, so Christie must. Even though I do find the Christie endorsement a hard argument…Christie kicks ass.

  • John Jackson

    @Brian Point well taken on spliting the vote but we need candidates in the Senate that can’t be cherry picked as Benedict Arlene, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and now Scott Brown.

    Cap and Trade is far left legislation, a good gauge to see how far-left a candidate stands. That’s not what we need.

    As for ethics, you have half the candidates in Congress on ethics charges and the other half should be. My point is that we have the established…they need replaced. They had their chance, some of them nine chances.

  • Jeff Nash

    I grew up next door to Christine in Moorestown, N.J. We lived in an average middle class neighborhood. She grew up in a family of five sisters and one brother. Christine and all of her sisters are the sweetest, kindest people who could ever meet. They were always the first to raise charity for a cause at young ages. The older sisters would teach the younger. Every year the sisters went door to door collecting for MDA and when a boy was hit by a car in the neighborhood they put together a fair in their own backyard for the neighborhood to raise money. If there is any candidate that is in politics for the good of other people it is Christine O’donnell. Shame on people judging her for her financial hardships. She’s human, unlike most of the selfish, self serving, sellouts in politics today. I’m tired of being told to vote for a moderate Republican as the only chance to beat a Democrat. Fight each battle on it’s own or things will never change. This article spreads fear just like Castle and most politicians do. The fear tactic is getting old. Vote for what is in your heart.

  • John, Cap and Tax will never see the light of day if we get control of the Senate. So Castle’s stance doesn’t really matter if we win enough seats to take control of the Senate. The same if we take back the House. We have got to stop thinking in terms of the Democrats agenda because if we do well enough in November, we can chuck their entire agenda in the circular file.

    Jeff, your character reference is nice, but we don’t elect representatives based on how nice they and their sisters are. I’m sorry that you’re tired of hearing you need to vote for a moderate Republican as the only chance to beat a Democrat – unfortunately, you live in a state where that’s true. If you don’t like that, get out of Delaware.

  • LittleDavid

    For those of you concerned about the 1099 requirement for businesses like I am here’s an update:

    After the Republican filibuster of the Small Business tax breaks/jobs bill was broken today, two amendments to modify/eliminate the 1099 requirement came up for vote. One was proposed by Republicans and the other by Democrats. Both were defeated.

    The Republican proposal included a poison pill that would have required Democrats to vote towards doing serious damage to their health care bill. The Democratic proposal would not have completely eliminated the requirement, but have increased the threshold from $600 to $5,000 and exempted small businesses with less then 25 employees from most of the new 1099 filing requirements.

    Who’s at fault here? If you believe in partisan bickering and no holds barred politics, I guess you will find it difficult to agree with me. I blame the Republicans. The goal as far as I am concerned is to solve my problem, and that problem is the new 1099 burden. Instead of a serious proposal, they included the poison pill in their amendment knowing it would fail and then voted against the serious Democratic amendment which would have largely solved the problem as far as I am concerned.

  • Jeff Nash

    Brian, my point was to defend her against some of the comments about her character. Not how “nice” she is. Being that I did grow up with her I think people would be interested in hearing about my take on her character. This is one guy that does vote on individual character, family history and past connections, unlike people that disregarded this stuff when they voted for Obama. You don’t have to worry about my vote, though. I live in Arizona.

  • LittleDavid

    An update on the 1099 issue:

    Since my last post I learned something new. Evidently in the Senate, every amendment must pass by super majority as well. Well you learn something new every day.

    The Republican proposal failed by a vote of 46-52.

    The Democratic proposal failed by a vote of 56-42.

  • John Jackson

    @Brian For whatever reason, he supported Cap and Trade. It’s the fact that he entertained the idea in the first place.

    There are Democrat agendas that must be turned around…and this is contributed to the good ole boy systems. HiliaryCare was attempted 17 years ago to the same response from the public as today, now we have ObamaCare.

    The Crap and Tax fight is not over.

    @LittleDavid The Democrats passed a Health Care bill that had the 1099 requirement? The Democrats did not read the bill they voted for, so they are responsible and they need to fix it. How is the Republicans at fault?

  • Jeff, people change. Character matters, to a certain extent, but when you’ve got dozens of former staffers, including people like Alan Moore who I respect, saying she’s no good, your character reference from twenty years ago is only going to go so far.

    Glad that you got out of Delaware while you could.

  • There goes our shot at a majority in the Senate. Thanks Delaware.

  • Tim J

    Maybe Ms. O’Donnell will become the G. Gordon Liddy of the establishment Republicans… or the Democrats.

    I can’t wait for a murder conviction to surface somewhere, along with arrests for smoking in public and drowning puppies.

  • James "turbo" Cohen

    Kudos for the Tea party acting like the tea party in DE. They offered no aid or comfort to the Rino. You people who defend Castle demonstrate why this country is in the shape it is and why the Tea Party came to life. You people who want to consolidate power and control for party have an obligation to ask yourselves if your first loyalty is to our country and the constitution our founders forged or “the party”.

    Like it or not, Christine is far from ideal, very imperfect but she is not what is wrong with American politics.

  • Spartacus

    “Conservatives everywhere need to learn that we cannot take all candidates at face value without some proof of their dedication to the cause. Claiming to be a conservative is not enough.”

    Are you talking about:
    (1) Christine O’Donnell in DE,
    (2) Dan Maes in CO, or
    (3) Rick Scott in FL?

    At what point did fraud and financial irresponsibility become a prerequisite for carrying the banner of a true conservative?

  • I’ll ask the obvious of the O’Donnell supporters…are you saying that what Alan Moore claims is not true, or that it is true but not relevant to supporting Ms. O’Donnell?

    If it is true, then I have to wonder why Ms. Palin and the Tea Party activists settled on her to carry their flag in Delaware and not someone with all that baggage…

  • Billy Bunn

    From the original article: “This is a warning to conservatives if you nominate O’Donnell: The national media will write off not only her but the entire Tea Party Movement as a laughing stock which could result in its ultimate demise.”

    If you’re worried that the national media might write off the Tea Party Movement as a laughing stock, I’m afraid you’re too late. They did that a year ago. If the Tea Party’s success or demise hinges on how much love it received from the national media, it would have died on the vine.

  • James "turbo" Cohen

    Billy, this is kind of like the rpvb that warned members not to support Kenny Golden or else. Seen that memo? The establishment is all weeweed up. Christine does not have to walk on water and does not appear to. What she has to do is muck (rake) the rino dung out of the senate.. DeMint and Palin seem to be listening to the people and supporting the people. Christine will need to buy some servers and open a bank soon.. the money is flowing in well enough to make Boehner and Cantor blush.

    Keep refreshing this site. They are up $200,000 in 12 hours.

  • Spartacus

    It’s not the national media writing off “the Tea Party” that should be of concern.

    The median voter in DE who supported Mike Castle, is now more likely to write off the Tea Party, Jim DeMint, and Sarah Palin as a bunch of clowns who threw away the opportunity to take back a senate seat that hasn’t been held by a republican in over 35 years.

    Further, if republicans end November with 50 senate seats, lots of folks (not just the national media) will look at the Tea Party, Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin as the reason why Democrats are still in control of Congress.

    Through their marginal success at moving the Republican party to the right, they have inadvertently pushed the country to the left.

  • Like everyone else, I was blind sided by this one.

    Perhaps she is is a symbol of how the people of Delaware who were willing to go vote felt. We are so fed up with the politicians in DC and politics as usual that we will vote for anyone who is not a part of that.

    Think of her as a very sharp knife. If you are not careful, you will get cut.

  • James "turbo" Cohen

    Old school conservatives are realizing more and more that votes and cash are the only thing welcome in the GOP but keep your opinions to yourself. Tea, DeMint and Palin endorsed a long shot over a rino and prevailed so maybe playing the odds will sober up the overpromising king makers, who for the most part are the same ones who gave us the underdelivering representatives who brought the mess we are in now. The lesson.. elite Big R establishment out dem’d the dems and have not changed their habits.. until 06 people blindly trusted you to correct the course you drifted off of yet you rinos have not honestly identified who the bad guys are. People are hurting and they are tired of waiting.

    Conservatives have had enough big government.. some are celebrating the prospect of a McConnell-Boehner GOP majority but many more are content to see a vibrant minority that can be assembled to a position a DeMint led majority next go round.

  • Marcus

    Don’t worry, after endorsing clunkers like Chuck Devore in CA, Christine O’Donnell in DE, and Ovide Lamontagne in NH, you won’t be seeing a DeMint led majority any time soon. Sharron Angle is another potential black mark.

  • Kirk

    Well it upped your web hits anyway.

  • Billy Bunn

    “Through their marginal success at moving the Republican party to the right, they have inadvertently pushed the country to the left.”

    Michael Steele and the RNC supports O’Donnell “without hesistation”, and the NRSC “strongly stand(s) by” her. Right or wrong, I think the Tea Party, Palin, and everyone else who’s become energized since Oct 08 (TARP) has had a bit more than “marginal” success at moving the GOP to the right. As far as pushing the country to the left, I don’t see the evidence of that; polls would indicate the opposite.

  • Spartacus

    As far as pushing the country to the left, I was speaking solely of the Christine O’Donnell nomination in Delaware. Mike Castle voted against the stimulus and Obamacare, and most of the other major Obama ticket items. Democrat Chris Coons should be a lock for anything the progressive wing of the party asks for.

    Keep in mind, too, Democrats couldn’t have passed Healthcare reform without Ben Nelson or Joe Lieberman. At some point and for some vote, Jim DeMint is going to regret his endorsement.

  • James “turbo” Cohen

    Too bad “all you people” think O’donnell is a nutjob. The GOP’s whisper campaign failure in technicolor proves why the establishment is not representing the conservative population, especially middle class conservatives.

  • Tired of Rinos with sour grapes

    When did you volunteer for O’Donnell and what exactly did you do? Did you attempt to run the hispanic population away from the republican party like Tancredo did? From what I see you spent 2008 as spokesman for Tancredo’s lame and failed presidential bid which accomplished one thing … sent hispanics to the democrat camp with your exaggerating immigration claims to get air time with the media to espouse you weak scare tactic politics. Your track record makes your opinions laughable. Sour grapes!!

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