Cuccinelli wins first health care victory

In a ruling that has liberals quaking, a federal judge denied a motion to dismiss the lawsuit by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to challenge Obama’s health care takeover.

Liberals hate this, because they’ve been spending the past two years attacking Ken Cuccinelli. Heck, when I’m on the WHRO What Matters roundtable, a show hardly goes by without one of the topics being Cuccinelli.

The guy keeps being right, and the left can’t stand it.

Liberals have for months claimed that Cuccinelli’s lawsuit would be dismissed because he’d have no standing in challenging a law that won’t go into effect until 2014, or that the vaunted Federal Supremacy would squash his defense of Virginia law.

And they were wrong, again. The judge could find no case when the Court decided on the question of whether the Federal Government could regulate a person’s decision not to engage in interstate commerce, and ruled that Cuccinelli had a legitimate cause of action.

October looks to be a fun month. Corrupt Charlie Rangel will be on trial for his ethics violations, corrupt Maxine Waters may well be on her way to the same fate, and Cuccinelli’s heading to a courtroom showdown with Obama’s health care takeover.

Read the entire ruling here.

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