Ball launches anti-Wittman website and video

Krystal Ball, Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 1st District, now represented by Rep. Rob Wittman (R), has recently launched a website called “On the Road with Rob” and the embedded video.

The site is critical of Wittman’s responsiveness to constituents, some of his policies, and features the video of Ball toting a cardboard cutout of the congressman around the district.

“After numerous complaints that your Congressman refuses to answer your emails, answer your calls or show up to explain his votes, we decided to bring Rob on the road so people across the 1st District of Virginia would finally have a chance to share their concerns with their Representative,” writes Danny Barefoot, Ball’s campaign manager in a campaign fundraising.

But that doesn’t sit too well with Casey Werderman, Wittman’s campaign spokesman.

“For any of you that know Rob, the one comment that I hear most is, “you need to tell Rob to get some rest, I see him everywhere!” As cute as our opponent may think she is with a life size cut out of Rob, I think the vast majority believe that now is not a time to be playing games!

“Our opponent knows the First District does not agree with her positions in support of the public option, increased spending, taking away your second amendment rights and family values, and her only option is to not talk about them. There is way too much at stake in our nation and for our future to be joking around and playing political games.”

In an interview with Bearing Drift for our June e-Zine, Ball said:

“Politics should not be about telling people what they want to hear. It shouldn’t be about focus-group tested and poll-number based “convictions.” Our future, our children’s future, is too important. I told people what I’m going to keep telling people, which is that you have to run based on the strength of your ideas, based on your passion for what makes a difference. I told them that authenticity is the most important quality.”

But this latest campaign tactic doesn’t appear to be based on Ball’s own strength of ideas, but merely an attack on Wittman. Barefoot doesn’t see it that way.

“We are running a campaign based on the strength of our ideas. We have an extremely detailed issues section on our website that takes a stand on some pretty bold things (such as our pledge to not accept National Democratic Leadership money). Krystal talks to just about anyone who will listen….

“Part of this campaign will be about contrasting Krystal’s record of independence, reform and entrepreneurship with Congressman Wittman’s failed record in Washington. We constantly hear complaints that Congressman Wittman is not available to his constituents. We stopped by his district office in Tappahannock everyday for a week and there was never anyone there. This office is paid for by taxpayers and for it to be unmanned is unacceptable.”

Why the office was unmanned is not known at this time, but Wittman does frequently travel due to his duties as the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee. The Congressman recently returned from a visit to Afghanistan.

The bottom-line is the Wittman campaign clearly sees the website and a recent mailing as negative campaigning in July and isn’t about to idly stand by while the Ball campaign gets in their shots.

“Never in any of the campaigns that I have worked with Rob on have we gone negative. We have always talked about the issues and what is most important to the people of the First District. I have been involved in campaigns throughout the state, and never have I seen a campaign stoop so low as our opponent has. It is disrespectful and an insult to the people of the First District,” said Werderman.

This could get interesting…or at least become entertaining.