Connolly smears Fimian on 17th Amendment

As expected, Congressman Gerry Connolly’s (D-11) playbook to defeat Republican challenger Keith Fimian consists of attempts to label him as a right-wing extremist. In his latest attempt, Connolly’s camp accuses Fimian of lobbying to repeal the 17th Amendment, which states that U.S. Senators will be elected by the people and not through state legislatures.

In an email to supporters Connolly’s campaign claims, “Fimian told WTOP’s Mark Plotkin that he thinks repeal ‘has merit’ and said he is ‘not really sure why it was changed.’”

Connolly’s campaign goes on to say, “Keith Fimian and the Tea Party want political insiders in Richmond to decide who represents us in the U.S. Senate. This radical shift will take us back to a time when a handful of insiders decided our future. Does that seem a little bit crazy to you?”

They have launched a petition site to fight against repealing the 17th amendment, or something. The website claims, “The movement to repeal the 17th amendment is driven by some of the more extreme Tea Party members, including Keith Fimian, a candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 11th District. Repealing the 17th amendment would strip the right to vote for United States Senator from millions of Virginians and hundreds of millions of Americans. That’s just way too extreme.”

It probably would be a little extreme if that’s what Fimian said. In the audio clip Fimian said, “I would entertain both sides of that argument before I would say yes or no, but I am inclined to say no,” in reference to repealing the 17th Amendment.

Connolly’s campaign told the Washington Post this morning that they stand by their interpretation.

You can listen to the audio here and in the subject entitled “Republican Candidates for Va.’s 11th Congressional District,” and it begins around 40.57. Decide for yourself if he supports repealing the 17th Amendment.

Tim Edson, Fimian campaign manager attempted to shift the debate back to Connolly’s record, “When Gerry Connolly’s staff isn’t spending their time condemning ‘fighting wasteful spending and getting the economy moving ‘as ‘extremist’ views, they are simply making things up to shift attention from Connolly’s radical, big government record, including the failed $800 billion stimulus, the job killing cap and trade bill, and the mismanaged, trillion dollar government health care takeover.

“Connolly bankrupted Fairfax County and now he is rubber stamping the
reckless policies that are bankrupting America.”

Attacks such as these on Fimian regarding the 17th Amendment, may seem trivial to most people, but if enough of these types of things trickle down to the casual observer, it can change votes.