Bearing Drift Endorsement: 2nd Congressional District – Bert Mizusawa

Scott Rigell is a decent, hardworking man.

From the moment he arrived in Hampton Roads in the 1990’s, he has built his business from next to nothing to become one of the premier locations in Hampton Roads to purchase a car for a fair price.

His business acumen and political skills have won him favor within political circles, including such conservative stalwarts as Jay Sekulow, Morton Blackwell, Republican Whip Eric Cantor and Governor Bob McDonnell.

For over a decade, Scott Rigell has contributed and supported the Republican Party, so much so that former Rep. Thelma Drake thought enough of him to personally ask him to run for Congress this cycle.


Ben Loyola is a true conservative.

It is no mistake that the former Navy Captain received the endorsement of the Board of Directors of the Hampton Roads Tea Party. His strong position on cutting government spending and taxes is exactly the kind of leadership Washington needs.

His well-developed positions on national defense, health care, transportation, energy and abortion also show him to be someone who will give Glenn Nye a run for his money, if nominated.


However, while Rigell or Loyola, if nominated by the GOP, would be a good Congressman for the 2nd District, Bert Mizusawa will be a great one.


Bert Mizusawa is a Virginia throw-back. He is a man straight out of the history books who exemplifies Virginia’s heritage of producing statesmen. Whether it is his proven military leadership under fire, sustained academic excellence, or superior business savvy, Mizusawa takes us back to an era when our leaders possessed an “all of the above” quality that left us all proud.

Mizusawa has had a career of service to his country – and in the service-oriented second, no candidate comes close to having the qualifications and regional ties that Bert does.

After growing up in Hampton Roads and graduating from Kecoughtan High School, he earned a presidential appointment to West Point and merely graduated first in his class.

He then served as a paratrooper in Europe during the Cold War, and, while stationed in Italy, made hundreds of drops along the “Iron Curtain.” His skills led to his selection to command the Army’s forward-most combat unit in the Korean DMZ where he earned a Silver Star. His efforts at leading soldiers in combat to rescue a Soviet defector were later recognized by President Ronald Reagan in the Reagan Diaries.

Following active duty, he earned a law degree from Harvard Law School and was selected a MacArthur Fellow in National Security. After spending some time on Wall Street, he was appointed by Chairman Strom Thurmond as a Professional Staff Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. His responsibilities included oversight of the nascent Joint Forces Command – an effort which has led to the creation of more than 5,000 jobs in Hampton Roads – not to mention greater efficiency in manning, training and equipping the Armed Forces. After a mere three years working in the Senate, he was selected as the Army’s Senior Executive for interagency and international affairs.

While leading our country in government in a civilian capacity, Mizusawa has also been called to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan in a military capacity and is currently a Brigadier General in the Army Reserve, responsible for 4,000 soldiers.

But while his service to country is exemplary, over the course of the campaign, Bert Mizusawa has also proven himself to be a keen statesman, able to lead on ideas and solid policy.

Mizusawa has never shied from a debate; he has never allowed questions of his credibility; he has never wavered on his conservatism; he has only grown stronger as a candidate.

Bert Mizusawa has shown a depth of knowledge on the issues most important to the people of the Second District and is the one candidate most prepared to deliver results on day one. He brings the experience, credentials, knowledge and reputation to best serve the Second District and represent the people’s interests in Washington.

Bearing Drift is exceptionally proud to endorse Bert Mizusawa for Congress.

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