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Obama Song – Vacation’s all I ever wanted

President Barack Obama has dished off [1]the laying of the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to VP Joe Biden.

Obama’s in Illinois and can’t be bothered. And that little oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? He’s working very hard on that, I’m sure. I mean, he had a press conference. What’s a President to do?

When we had that attempted terrorist attack over Detroit, Obama was hitting the Hawaii waves [2].

Memorial Day Presidential traditions? Massive oil spills? Don’t bother, Barack.

So, in honor, a new song! “Vacation” adapted from the GO-GOs [3]

Can’t seem to figure out what to do
I sit at home like George W.
Now that I am the Prez
It’s such a mess
Tomorrow’s a day I’ll hand off to Joe Biden

When the oil spilled, I should have run
But I had already planned fun
Don’t know what to do
And I have no clue
I should’ve known, should’ve brought a teleprompter

A week without me
Thought they’d forget
Two weeks without me
and the problem still hasn’t fixed itself yet

All I ever wanted
for Memorial Day
How did I get this job?