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Family Research Council and Republican Liberty Caucus endorse in the 5th

The Family Research Council has endorsed Feda Morton and the Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia has endorsed Mike McPadden in the 5th Congressional District Republican nomination contest.

Of Morton, the FRC says:

“Feda Morton has proven that she is a true friend of the family. We need men and women who will fight to defend the family, and family budgets, against the extreme agenda of the Left in the House of Representatives,” said FRC Action PAC Chairman Tony Perkins. “I am convinced Ms. Morton will do just that.” (h/t: Politico [1])

Of McPadden, the RLCVA [2] says:

Virginians are lucky to have a candidate like Michael McPadden in Congressional District 5….McPadden is a leader, a military veteran, and a father. He has been married for 30 years and has a distinguished career….He is also an expert on the Constitution….McPadden…supports individual liberty, limited government, sound money, and the rule of law. How refreshing!