NRCC Updates ‘Young Guns’; Mizusawa, Herrity, Griffith New Arrivals

From CQ Politics

The NRCC has updated it’s Young Gun program, upgrading 15 candidates and adding 45 total, including 3 from Virginia House Districts:

– VA-02 Bert Mizusawa has been added to ‘On the Radar’ based off his strong 1st Quarter numbers (highest individual donations raised in Q1)

– VA-09 Morgan Griffith has been upgraded to ‘Contendor’, same level as Scott Rigell in VA-02.

– VA-11 Pat Herrity has been added to ‘On the Radar’

More attention on Virginia, and does Mizusawa being on the NRCC radar calm Ed Maulbeck down or pacify him?

  • I think they need to come up with another name for this program…Griffith is not exactly “young”…nor is Herrity, Mizusawa, Fimian, or Rigell. Did you see the picture you picked for this?

    If that’s “young” what’s the new “old”? Is membership in the YRs now open to sixty-somethings?

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  • Daniel J Spiker

    I agree, that picture was the only thing remotely close to a logo for the Young Guns I could find

    But yeah when I think Morgan Griffith, my next thought is Young Gun!

  • Why isn’t Robert Hurt on this list?

  • Janice

    I guess Tom Davis nominated his pocket puppet Pat Herrity to be a “not so Young” Gun poster boy.

  • kingsmoothie

    I don’t think this pacifies Ed. He is a man on a mission. Although, I’m not sure he is on the right target.

  • jeffersonian1

    Some say that the NRCC is considering switching to McKelvey and naming him a Young Gun as they think Hurt may not have the energy or enthusiasm for the race and they wouldn’t mind a candidate who can partially self-fund. Apparently, they’re waiting to see whether McKelvey actually uses the $500K loan he made to his to campaign to buy media/win votes or just made the loan to look serious but has no intention of spending the money.

  • NRCC and Age is a matter of mind over matter!

    A testament to the good health care we used to have in this country. Folks just keep living longer.

    Geez, all those other guys whining in the VA-02 didn’t want folks to know that the NRCC WILL endorse more than one candidate in the same district. They didn’t want folks to know that they just did not have campaigns that met the bar to get the recognition. Too bad Bert’s money is all from out of the area. They can donate, but they cannot VOTE. Rigell’s money and support both come from within VA-02. And that’s a good thing…

  • GovGirl

    The young guns program is not an endorsement, there are specific criteria that they look at (ironically one of them does not appear to be age) if you meet the criteria, you make the list. My problem is a large part of it is based on fundraising – but they do not seem to care if the vast majority of that funding comes from your own pocket *cough* Rigell*cough*.

  • Lifelong Elephant

    After the Bearing Drift debate (kudos JR to a job well-done), it was clear to those in the audience why Mizusawa has momentum shifting his way. At the end of the debate, even Jessica Sandlin noted that if she wins, she hopes to “bring General Mizusawa to Washington with [her] as a consultant.” Mizusawa was the clear standout as the guy with ideas, experience, and the know-how to get the job done beginning on Day 1.

    It was equally clear why Rigell decided he’d be better off attending an Urban League event than putting himself into the fray. Perhaps he’s off lapping at the “Contender” teat as he and other wannabees “draft” their spoon-fed Contract on Congress II for someone to bootleg to Taylor and Loyola. Those ideas were no more Rigell’s than they were Loyola’s or Taylor’s and they speak to the naivete of all three of those guys. NEWSFLASH: Newt already tried everything on the list and fell short. The freshman Congressional class can use the both lists when they run out of toilet paper in the House bathroom.

    The Rigell machine can whine all it wants about how much of Mizusawa’s money comes from inside the district or from outside. Adam Smith’s invisible hand will give them the not-so-invisible spanking they deserve on 8 June. It’s about message. It’s about ideas. It’s about leadership. There isn’t a single poignant ORIGINAL idea that I’ve heard from Scott Rigell and he’s set-up to be a patsy for the party at a time when the party needs leaders with vision and a strategic sense on how to right the course for this nation. This race is shaping up to be a hybrid of Massachusetts and Upstate New York. An upstart candidate will win over the early party annointee and take this seat from the Dem list and his name is Bert Mizusawa. The momentum shift is palpable. Voters in this district have hoped for a leader with vision and ability. Anyone can vote lock-step — but we need LEADERSHIP now more than ever. We need ideas. We already have enough well-heeled guys on the Hill — how about someone who is a living, walking American hero. If you have a chance, pick up a copy of the just-released book, Dangerous Games. It chronicles the stories of great American heroes from the Cold War years. There’s an ENTIRE CHAPTER about Mizusawa in it. Not surprisingly, Rigell didn’t even get mentioned in the footnotes. Catchy name that “Freedom Ford” — earned by the risk of life and limb of men like Bert Mizusawa.

    If you missed it or you haven’t yet watched the PODcast on the Bearing Drift debate last week, please take some time to do so. It was a shame that Rigell opted out — but many felt that he ducked it for some telling reasons (none of which was a preference for the meal being served by the Urban League)).

    What I’d most like to see is a one-on-one debate between Rigell and Mizusawa. JR, perhaps you can set it up and vet a date with the Urban League, Democrat State and National Fund-raising committees and anyone else who might be appropriate to insure Rigell can make it.

  • Bryan R

    @Lifelong Elephant: “NEWSFLASH: Newt already tried everything on the list and fell short.”

    Really? Because Rigell’s proposal that Congress takes a 20% pay cut for every year the budget isn’t balanced wasn’t in the Contract with America.

    Rigell’s proposal that when appropriation bills aren’t passed on time Congress works without pay wasn’t in the Contract with America.

    My problem with Bert, nice guy that he is, is he is running in the WRONG DISTRICT. His wife is a DC lawyer, he lives in Fairfax, told me himself that his kids attend Fairfax Public Schools, and DOES NOT LIVE IN HAMPTON ROADS.

    If he wants to represent us, why doesn’t he live among us? If he wants to fight for more jobs to Hampton Roads, why isn’t his company based here instead of DC? If he wants to fight for better transportation for this area, why is he driving NOVA roads and the BELTWAY rather than 64 and 264?

    The fact that Bert couldn’t find a SINGLE DONOR from Virginia Beach (70%) of the district in his first finance report to donate is pitiful. The fact that he could only find ONE DONOR from the 2nd’s largest district to donate is pathetic.

  • Jay D

    @Bryan, feel free to keep beating this drum, but you are cherry picking only part of the data. Go back and check FEC reports; note the category entitled: Unitemized Individual Contributions. I assume these are individual contributions under $250?

    You don’t know who is on the list, nor do I. Your statement “not one donor from VB” is as likely to be UNTRUE, as it is true.

    “Accuracy is the twin brother of honesty; inaccuracy, of dishonesty.”
    -Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • Nemo

    @Bryan. I looked at Bert’s FEC filling. The one in when you click on the map and then the second district is not updated past 31 Dec. You have to go and search for Bert’s committee and look at their pdf filling. He doesn’t have a ton but they are their. If you are going to make such an attack, you may to fact check before you look like an idiot.

  • Bryan R

    I just checked both of his report, he has a total of ELEVEN people who actually live in the 2nd District that have donated to him. Several of them have the last name “Mizusawa” so I have to assume that they are brothers or cousins.



    Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, let’s say that he’s had an equal number of people who have donated LESS than $200 from the 2nd. That would put the grand total at 22.

    Does anyone else find this insane? Over 90% of the man’s donations come from people who don’t live here. I have to assume a lot of them are his neighbors…… IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

    If you go to Virginia Public Access Project, and look up BERT MIZUSAWA, he has given political donations dating back to 1997. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE DONATIONS LIST HIS HOME TOWN AS MACLEAN, VIRGINIA.

    It is beyond insulting that he is wanting to represent MY TOWN yet cannot even grace us with his presence.

  • Daniel J Spiker

    You realize that typing in all caps repeatedly doesn’t improve your point I hope?

    I could care less where he lives; if we’re all behind Morgan Griffith in the 9th, we can’t be against someone else. Mizusawa was at least born and raised in the 2nd, and does have a residence.

    ‘Bryan’ the residency may bug you, but by and large it doesn’t resonate.

  • kingsmoothie

    Residency is a valid consideration when deciding on whether or not to vote for someone. It is certainly not the most important one we have right now, however in such a large field in can be a factor in deciding against a candidate. If is is Bert vs. Nye, Bert gets my vote. In the primary it will be for someone else. One of the factors in my decision is residency, but only one.

  • Really???

    Why should residency matter when we have a president who wasn’t even born in the United States? 😉

  • Tim J

    King, Nye has been the 2nd District “voters” congressman for 2 years and at last count, has a 54% approval rating and name recognition. What’s Bert’s approval rating with the same voters, the conversation would go – “Bert What’s-his-name? – never heard of him.”

    Nye has proven himself to be an effective district Representative, not a Democratic Party shill which will be a huge factor in the Fall election. This isn’t to say he won’t change, but so far he has been on the “wrong” side of many of his Party’s votes.

    His voting record takes away, issue by issue, almost all the leverage a Republican challenger could use to discriminate themselves as a better Representative.

  • Jay D

    @Tim J. I agree. The vote “against” Nye strategy will be a tough sell to voters. Facts don’t back it up. Wouldn’t it be nice if we delivered a candidate folks could vote “for”?

  • kingsmoothie

    I wasn’t advocating a “not-Nye” strategy, just that I would vote for Bert over Nye. I do wonder how a goal of firing Nye to fire Pelosi comes across to independents.

  • All hands on deck for a special meeting of BD readers… G2 gathered from friends and relatives active on the left (mostly unaware I left the plantation a decade plus ago).

    Reckon with this fact.. Nancy knows full well that va02 is a goose that lays big grade A golden eggs. She has built up a strong national base of support for Nye to solidify her base here and fund raising is going very well.. VERY WELL.. orders of magnitude well.. matching funds are committed. Reliable donors are flush with cash and it aint local buckaroos. There were to be no dem primaries here in spite of the will of the pacified dem flocks interest of having a better qualified candidate who out of party loyalty will strategically not seek office.. They embrace the Rigell candidacy. Not good for Va2 conservatives.. They are playing for keeps, not honor. This is THE race neocomm Nancy must win.. Too much is at stake for that broad on a broomstick.

    Get over the issue of where the dollars are coming from folks, an order of magnitude more zort is coming to va-02 and it is fattening up Nye’s war chest more indirectly than directly.. Do not be misled, regardless of what he is now reporting, there are ample reserves ready to pour in with a simple turn of the spigot from nancy and friends.

    This primary is so far off track the local GOP should be keelhauled. The party should spotlight every candidate with the goal of earning broader voter trust and welcoming former dems and undecideds to the right, then consolidating support behind the eventual winner! With good comunication and strategically goal oriented party leadership this would have happened and at this late juncture we are on a path to disorient voters from the center.

    Job #1 is BEAT NYE. Rigell can’t donate as much to his run anywhere near as much as Nye will have access to if funds are the determining factor for this election which brings up a topic I cannot discuss publicly that damn well better get the attention it deserves in our district after the November. No, not June 8, that would damage our brand.. November, after the chosen one who donated to The O nominee is chosen.. You people know damn well what I am talking about.

    The R primary should have been about who is best qualified to represent people and it has become a circus. It is time to elevate the best proven leadership within the local party focused more on constituents and less on their own grand plans.

    Oh by the way, we are way overdue for campaign finance reform. Money on hand is no indication of political leadership capability. Fundraising should be partywide.. Let the people decide.

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