Roxann Robinson to run for Nixon’s delegate seat

Dr. Roxann Robinson, an optometrist, will run for Delegate as a Republican in Virginia’s 27th District.

The seat was formerly held by new Virginia Chief Information Officer and head of the Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA) Sam Nixon.

A special election in the 27th has yet to be set.

According to Senator Steve Martin in an email circulated Saturday:

“As we began hearing from people in the community, the names of many fine men and women have been put forward for consideration as the Republican candidate. The demands of a campaign and especially of fulfilling the duties of a Delegate are enormous, and it is often hard to persuade someone whose life is already busy with family, work and community to run for the General Assembly. Yet, it is important that our Delegate be an individual who shares our conservative principles and passion for the limited role of government, and who knows the burden that is created for our families and small businesses when government spending is not kept in check.

“We are excited to let you know that just such a community leader, Dr. Roxann Robinson, has agreed to run for the Republican nomination in this Special Election. Roxann will have more to say at her formal announcement in the next two weeks.”

Robinson has practiced optometry in Virginia for over 25 years, has served as President of the Virginia Optometric Association and is the Immediate-past President of the Virginia Academy of Optometry. In 1999, she was appointed by Governor Gilmore to the Virginia Board of Optometry and was recognized as the Virginia Optometrist of the Year and in 2007.