VPOD 94: Bert Mizusawa

Bert Mizusawa, candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in Virginia's 2nd DistrictBert Mizusawa of Hampton would like to be the Republican nominee from Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District to challenge incumbent Rep. Glenn Nye (D). Mizusawa, a brigadier general in the Army reserves, talks about his campaign and ideas for the district and nation.

Show notes:

0:35 Why are you running? “I think the constituents in this district, and America in general, deserve leadership; leadership that they can trust in congress….The 2nd Congressional District of Virginia happens to be the most military district in the nation, happens to be my hometown district (I grew up here)…and so I saw this as a great chance to come in an provide leadership that I think America needs in Congress.”

2:10 Discusses his role in helping create Joint Forces Command and the transformation it has helped provide.

5:00 “It’s one thing to say you’ve created jobs in the private sector as a businessman, and I have done that…but it is a completely different thing to say that you’re going to bring job creation skills from the private sector to the public sector. The public sector is a different animal and it requires different skill sets. I’ve proven that I have been able to work through the public sector to create jobs in a way that was more efficient for our country and made our military more capable.”

6:35 He dismisses that not being from Virginia Beach is a problem. He cites the joint needs of the district and his longstanding roots in the district as examples, among others.

8:00 Discusses potential move of an Aircraft Carrier from Norfolk, VA to Mayport, FL. “I’m not convinced that there is a good national security rationale for it….[Senator Jim Webb] should stand up and stop this move through appropriations….It’s a lot easier to retain jobs than it is to create jobs.”

9:50 Discusses Glenn Nye’s role regarding the pending aircraft carrier move. “He should have some influence, but obviously he doesn’t have enough….[Glenn Nye] just simply lacks the credibility that one needs, especially as a freshman, to have much clout on the Armed Services Committee.”

11:55 Addresses his wife’s involvement with the Federal Reserve, the issue of transparency, and Rep. Ron Paul’s bill to audit the fed. “I think transparency is American….I support what [Ron Paul] is trying to do.”

14:50 “I would repeal the healthcare bill and, failing that, I would repeal the most obnoxious parts of the healthcare bill.”

15:20 Depending on how many seats are picked up in the House by Republicans will determine whether the GOP goes on offense or defense.

16:00 “This [healthcare] issue was not between Democrats and Republicans; it was between Democrats and the American people. And, I think after this November, they’re going to learn a few lessons about not representing the American people.”

16:30 Addresses the national debt.

17:10 He differentiates himself from other candidates by saying he would prefer to serve on the Ways and Means committee and the Defense Appropriations sub-committee over the Armed Services Committee.

17:35 “We cannot break trust with our senior citizens who have come to rely on those programs [such as social security and Medicare]…But the system is broken and we have to start phasing in fundamentally new programs.”

19:25 “The Second District is one of the most important, if not the most important, district in the nation…it’s got great strategic signifcance here…[Representing this district] will be the equivalent to representing America because a lot about this district with the military and its attractions is America.”

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