VPOD 94: Bert Mizusawa

Bert Mizusawa, candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in Virginia's 2nd DistrictBert Mizusawa of Hampton would like to be the Republican nominee from Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District to challenge incumbent Rep. Glenn Nye (D). Mizusawa, a brigadier general in the Army reserves, talks about his campaign and ideas for the district and nation.

Show notes:

0:35 Why are you running? “I think the constituents in this district, and America in general, deserve leadership; leadership that they can trust in congress….The 2nd Congressional District of Virginia happens to be the most military district in the nation, happens to be my hometown district (I grew up here)…and so I saw this as a great chance to come in an provide leadership that I think America needs in Congress.”

2:10 Discusses his role in helping create Joint Forces Command and the transformation it has helped provide.

5:00 “It’s one thing to say you’ve created jobs in the private sector as a businessman, and I have done that…but it is a completely different thing to say that you’re going to bring job creation skills from the private sector to the public sector. The public sector is a different animal and it requires different skill sets. I’ve proven that I have been able to work through the public sector to create jobs in a way that was more efficient for our country and made our military more capable.”

6:35 He dismisses that not being from Virginia Beach is a problem. He cites the joint needs of the district and his longstanding roots in the district as examples, among others.

8:00 Discusses potential move of an Aircraft Carrier from Norfolk, VA to Mayport, FL. “I’m not convinced that there is a good national security rationale for it….[Senator Jim Webb] should stand up and stop this move through appropriations….It’s a lot easier to retain jobs than it is to create jobs.”

9:50 Discusses Glenn Nye’s role regarding the pending aircraft carrier move. “He should have some influence, but obviously he doesn’t have enough….[Glenn Nye] just simply lacks the credibility that one needs, especially as a freshman, to have much clout on the Armed Services Committee.”

11:55 Addresses his wife’s involvement with the Federal Reserve, the issue of transparency, and Rep. Ron Paul’s bill to audit the fed. “I think transparency is American….I support what [Ron Paul] is trying to do.”

14:50 “I would repeal the healthcare bill and, failing that, I would repeal the most obnoxious parts of the healthcare bill.”

15:20 Depending on how many seats are picked up in the House by Republicans will determine whether the GOP goes on offense or defense.

16:00 “This [healthcare] issue was not between Democrats and Republicans; it was between Democrats and the American people. And, I think after this November, they’re going to learn a few lessons about not representing the American people.”

16:30 Addresses the national debt.

17:10 He differentiates himself from other candidates by saying he would prefer to serve on the Ways and Means committee and the Defense Appropriations sub-committee over the Armed Services Committee.

17:35 “We cannot break trust with our senior citizens who have come to rely on those programs [such as social security and Medicare]…But the system is broken and we have to start phasing in fundamentally new programs.”

19:25 “The Second District is one of the most important, if not the most important, district in the nation…it’s got great strategic signifcance here…[Representing this district] will be the equivalent to representing America because a lot about this district with the military and its attractions is America.”

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  • LifelongElephant

    This is a MUST HEAR.

    Mizusawa didn’t even appear on anyone’s radar until late in 2009 — long after Rigell, Loyola, Taylor were up and running along with the gang of 3 (then 4, then 3, then 4, and now, I’m told, 3 again — has Chuck Smith dropped out, again? Who did he endorse on his way out this time?) Guess being a general when the nation is in two wars keeps a guy busy.

    What a compelling interview. Kudos JR.

    Been out of town for a week plus and I missed the Tea Party event but am interested to see the mentioned flyer that attacked Mizusawa (vis-a-vis his wife).

    I’ll hold judgment on it until I review it, but I’ll say in advance, that if it is non-attributable (e.g., no other campaign claimed it), I’ll likely use it when I run low on toilet paper. If, as someone who attended told me, it was simply “laying around, but has no ‘Authorized by/Paid for by’ info on it — it’s a clear election law violation and demonstrates the type of character flaw voters be purging in November.

    I found this PODCAST to be the most compelling thing I’ve heard yet in this 2d District race. It was clear to me that Mizusawa articulated specific plans for the District and the nation based on his lifetime of service in a myriad of positions and across a diverse spectrum of fields. Other than an early debate, I’ve not been present to hear him at any of the fora but — based on what I heard here — this guy is multi-faceted, eminently talented, and exceedingly knowledgeable. Unlike the otehrs, Mizusawa is not a wannabe — he’s actually been there: in business, in defense, on the Hill, in the legal trenches, and he understands entitlements, the money supply, and the plethora of subtle and not-so-subtle aspects of serving in Congress that determine how effective a Representative can be. To have a guy say he’d like to serve on the House Ways and Means Defense Appropriations Sub-Committee tells me that this guy is the one guy in the field who really understands the job description and will get the job done.

    Like most Americans, I find the polarization which has taken place in Congress to be wholly distasteful. It’s given the Democrats the wedge they needed to ram the Health Care bill fiasco through while making the Republican Party look at least partially culpable. This guy has it right. We need to be the Party of Nope — gotta admit — I loved that comment. We don’t need to be perceived as the party that jumps in front of every train or on every grenade. Fall on the right swords, fercryinoutloud and save your ammo for the important fights. Give the idiot his ambassadorship to Buttcrakistan and stay focused.

    Let’s talk about focus. In spite of the personal attack he mentioned on his wife, I’ll give the guy credit, he called it a cheap shot and immediately refocused on the major issues. I’m not surprised he’s a general. I’d like to hear about how he earned his Silver Star. They don’t hand those things out. When dupligate popped up, it virtually shut down three campaigns — and the thing that amazes me most in hindsight (based on JR’s post) was that this Mizusawa could have exploited the whole thing since he, too, was approached — but he didn’t. He demonstrated character where Loyola and Taylor failed so miserable and stayed focused on the issues. Rigell’s machine went offline for several days and lost focus. This guy had his wife attacked for where she works and said, “it was a cheap shot” immediately let it go. Covered in Kevlar and Up-Armored. It’s got to be scary to the fool who pursued this folly — they’ve sniped at the wife of a guy who is a lawyer AND a warrior. Ruh – roh!

    Absolutely impressive. If you are also undecided, this is a “MUST HEAR.” If you THINK you have already decided, this is a definite “should listen to.”

    Again — it’s no surprise to me that this guy is a general. After 26 years in the service, I can say he’s the caliber of leader we expect for our military. It just makes me wonder why we typically accept such lesser credentials, limited capabilities or questionable integrity for our elected officials.

    Looks like the 2d District actually has chance to correct that. If you truly care about the district and the Nation, listen to this PodCast.

    I’ve been waiting to see who JR endorses, but I gotta admit it’s really hard to hold back after hearing this.

  • WasThere

    Dear JR:

    Thank you and dittos on the kudos! As someone who appreciates value of a good Charlie Rose or Tim Russert-styled interview (Q & A without the spin), I enjoyed, once again, listening to actual candidate communicate his positions – directly.

    Well done! Hope to see more like this, and very much appreciate the extra work and time (on your part) that goes into providing this service.

  • Pardon me if this appears to be an attempt to hijack this space.. Read on and the point I am attempting to make may become clearer. This is not an attack on the Mizusawa campaign, Bert or his spouse in any way shape or form. I am impressed with this guy and I consider him the runner up behind Golden at this stage of the game based on experience, but, I have serious reservations with his previously stated position on auditing the fed, or lack of support thereof, that Bert supposedly holds. One of the key positions of Golden that I am in lockstep with is fully auditing the fed, cutting every departments budget and other logical cost cutting that is decades overdue. Most cost cutting will not be as painful as it will be liberating and helpful by enabling tax reduction.

    Rewind events a few decades back.. Before Ben Bernanke became FED chair, he was an active member of the fed’s ruling body (federal open markets committee), which dumped fuel and lit the matches under the financial crisis we remain embroiled in. Prior to that position Bernanke held a senior position under Greenspan. As Bernanke watched the then $5T treasury double under GW’s term and the ttl fed debt exploded to $50T, He continued taking orders from.. ? Our dollar is worth less now and holders of US Treasury notes remain on the path to becoming holders of paper worth less than 80’s vintage recession era dollars. Bernanke downplayed obvious danger signs that old school real world experienced economists brought to his attention repeatedly, but, Chairman Bernanke’s flawed judgement won over the DC establishment, the folks with old school street smart insight lost. I am still confounded by the fact that Bernanke ignores the same time proven voices to this day..

    It is amazing really. This guy keeps getting promoted. How can a private organization operate this way and stay out of the red regardless of how poorly it is managed?

    Back to the podcast at 11:55 Bert, please explain in detail how you plan as a congressman to influence discussions about auditing the fed and just how do you propose to support making the fed transparent. Thank you in advance.

  • John

    Like “turbo,” I would like some detail as well if you don’t mind. Thank you.

  • LifelongElephant

    WRT “turbo’s” comments about experience and whether Mizusawa is second to Golden or not — as I mentioned in my very first BD post, I attended the same high school as Mizusawa here in the second district and his entry into this race has induced me to follow it closely. He asked me for a donation and I made one. JR asked me to clarify my background for transparency and I have no qualms doing so.

    I am NOT a paid member of ANY candidate’s staff — including Mizusawa’s. I was happy to help Mizusawa get signatures and agreed to help at least one other candidate when he asked me for help. I have spoken at varying lengths with Scott Rigell, Bert Mizusawa, Ken Golden, Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor. I have neither met nor spoken with Sandlin or Maulbeck and didn’t have a chance to meet Chuck Smith in either of his cameo appearances.

    I’m no one’s token vote and genuinely feel that we are fortunate to have a choice in this race because this will be a spotlight race in November. We need to put the strongest candidate forward in the primary.

    Here’s my stand on experience: Mizusawa is not second to anybody in this race when it comes to experience. Far from it.

    He’s spent time as a staffer on the Senate Armed Services committee. Being down here in the District talking about Washington is a far cry from being in the thick of it up in Washington. I mean, Obama spoke alot about Washington and had nominal experience on the Hill — and look where that has gotten us.

    I’ve heard all of the other prior-service candidates (except Ed Maulbeck) talk about their military experience and, to be candid — if you took all of the other candidates’ collective credentials and put them in one big pile, here is what you’d get:
    1. Mizusawa outranks ALL of the other candidates. It takes an official act of Congress to become a general or an admiral. Mizusawa is the only one who has passed this scrutiny.
    2. I believe Mizusawa has held more commands, and larger ones, than any other candidate. He CONTINUES serving while campaigning and it’s why he’s missed several events that I attended. His current command include troops serving on the ground in Iraq, in Afghanistan and across the U.S. If I’m wrong, tell me what I don’t know.
    3. As a retired officer, I’ll simply say that bullets and IEDs don’t discriminate between Active Duty, Guard or Reserve. Having been an infantryman, ranger, AND a deck-qualified pilot with service that included three combat zones, I can say without equivocation that the “pucker factor” for a guy on the ground is far different than it is for a guy in the air (Close Air Support guys, excluded) or for those offshore or enroute on a ship — so spare all of us the lecture on those points unless you have the background to go toe-to-toe on it.
    4. I believe Mizusawa is the only guy in this race to have served in Afghanistan AND Iraq. If I’m wrong, let me know.
    5. Mizusawa’s highest military award is eleven levels higher than the next highest award of ALL of the other guys put together.
    6. Mizusawa is the only guy to have worked as an SES. He held both a 2-star-equivalent AND a 3-star-equivalent position.

    Sure — I’d like to know exactly what Scott Taylor did as a SEAL, what Scott Rigell did as a Marine Reservist, and what combat action Ben Loyola saw, if any. Perhaps someone can clarify. When Kenny Golden talks about having commanded the largest flotilla etc., did he actually serve in combat or not, and if so, in what capacity? Who told him he could call himself a commodore, anyway, and what does that rank insignia look like? To my knowledge, Mizusawa is the only guy in this race decorated for valor under fire, but if I’m wrong, I’d like it explained to me. And I am waiting for a soon-to-be-published book to learn exactly what Mizusawa did to earn his Silver Star. To be clear, ALL honorable service is exactly that — honorable. It doesn’t matter if the service occurred in time of war or in peacetime, or if the servicemember was a sergeant or an ensign or a general. It is not my intent to diminish or to seem unappreciative of any service — but let’s not be revisionist. More importantly, at the end of the day, all the doodads on the uniform don’t matter nearly as much as the item on the other side of the buttons — the nametag. If a guy’s integrity is compromised, he needs to find another endeavor than to run for Congress. It’s happened in this race and we ought not stick our heads in the sand and pretend it was okay and didn’t happen Some guys lied and will do so again under pressure.

    I want the best candidate to represent our party. I know Mizusawa better than any of the candidates and have helped him with signatures and a donation. I have also been asked for help by at least one other candidate and agreed to help him. My beliefs are based on being a lifetime Republican and an academy graduate. I’m not on anyone’s payroll and believe we should stick to facts and the issues. I call it the way it is and don’t like it when anyone plays dirty or lies or gets weasly.

    Hope that answers the mail, JR. Would appreciate it if you’d ask the person responsible for the unattributable leaflet to claim it. It will help all of us further narrow the field of honorable candidates. Perhaps, each camp can be asked to deny any connection to it. At least then, I’ll know whether to accede to a request for help from them or not.

  • Chris Meeropol

    Hate to break it to you LifelongElephant, but you are incorrect on nearly all of your points.

    Reserve is way, way different than active duty, to reach one star in the reserve is far easier than making Captain in the Navy, Kenny was retired as a Commodore, an honor rank. He was the last person to be given such an honor since the rank was still in use.

    Kenny Golden’s 31 years of active duty make him the longest serving candidate. 1 year of active duty is 5-10 times more activity than reserve duty.

    Kenny was a commodore, he commanded the largest amphibious fleet since the Korean War, 10,000 sailors and marines, this is larger than anything Bert has commanded.

    Kenny also had 3 other at-sea commands, one other one being a task force that I believe had roughly 4,000 men.

    Kenny was the commanding officer of the first helicopter squadron deployed to desert storm. He also held combat commands in Afghanistan and Iraqi Freedom. That big fleet he commanded was the West Coast Deployment of Marines to Iraq.

    Kenny Golden has also held a 2 star equivalent command, as the first J8 director. While Bert claims he created Joint Forces Command along with “some friends in the Senate” Kenny was actually there on the ground as the Deputy J5 and helped stand the organization up.

    Your point about Mizusawa continuing to serve, while valid, is irrelevant when you compare him to Kenny Golden. Kenny served 31 years active duty, he just retired in 2004! His wife served 22 years and his daughter has served 13 years and is deployed in Qatar right now. She flew 29 combat missions over Iraq in an E-2.

    You talk about pucker factor;

    Kenny has 5,000 flight hours in helicopters, he was the very first person to qualify with night vision goggles in the entire Navy. He then trained the rest of the pilots in how to do. He commanded anti-submarine warfare and downed pilot rescue squadrons. He also managed the entire Navy Carrier based Helicopter program at the Pentagon for 2 years and designed the helicopters we see flying over Hampton Roads all the time.

    Bert’s record is no doubt impressive, but you can’t compare him to Kenny Golden and say he is by far the better.

    In time served, in commands held, in combat hours, in flight hours, in men commanded, Kenny wins out in them all. Bert has one star, but that is in the reserves you can say bullets don’t discriminate, which is correct, but people who have been in the military do. Try going to a gathering of 20 year active duty vets and as a 20 year reservist and act like you’re on the same level and you will see what I mean.

  • John

    I think both Kenny Golden and Bert Mizusawa have much to offer and would like to know more about both of them. As someone said earlier there is going to be focused Democratic heat on this campaign and I would like to see a candidate move forward who can weather the storm. Hopefully we will get more forums for all of the candidates to speak on topics, like repealing healthcare, that mean much to us. What’s exciting to me is that we have a great line up of men experienced in both the military and, just as importantly, private enterprise. As someone who just recently started up a small business I need to get government off my back and I trust a Republican dominated House and Senate will be able to do that.

  • LifelongElephant

    Thanks for the update, Chris. It’s good to know that Mizusawa helped create a job for Golden at JFCOM. There’s still time for a Thank You note. You can get the address off his webpage.
    Was gonna ignore your nonsensical post, but I imagined you pretending that you had finally set the record straight, so here goes:
    Actually and factually, Chris, the “first helicopter squadron deployed to Desert Storm” was NOT Kenny’s. It was the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) and their mission was to strike deep in and around Baghdad and other “places” with their Apache Longbows with some MH-60 and MH-47 support to take out the Iraqi air defense nodes and open the door for the rest of us in Theater. MH-60 and MH-47 birds provided C2 and setup FARP refueling enroute so the Apaches could reach their targets and get back, but Golden didn’t command the 160th. Dell Daly commanded it. Any statement to the contrary is ludicrous.
    Are you being spoon-fed? Pass the keyboard or let us know your background and affiliation. As a goggle-qualified and deck-qualified helo driver, I’d be interested to know if Kenny was, himself, an Instructor Pilot when he got goggle-qualified. Who trained him/qualified him and where? I don’t remember him as an IP, but I do remember MY goggle IP — his name was Dougherty and we were in the first class of guys who were fully NVG-qualified. We used full-face AN/PVS-5s with counter weights on the back of our helmets. We hand-fabricated our own IR finger lights so we could read maps. It was very Flintstonian as we crept into the Jetsons world. Who was Golden’s IP?
    As for your claim that Golden “designed the helicopters we see flying over Hampton Roads all the time” . . . Chris, just take a deep breath and think about what you are shoveling. The flight doc will have you brought down immediately for a urinalysis test if you keep this up. Are you serious?
    Let’s pretend you are correct. If so, don’t you think it’s time to let Bell and Sikorsky know they owe Golden some serious back pay since he was apparently never compensated for his work. Perhaps he can bring some of his blueprints to the next breakfast so we can talk about the hydraulics issues on the SH-60 or sand ingestion problems on the intakes that still need to be worked on across the fleet. He was nowhere to be found when MY squadron was fabricating stepdown devices locally out of dissimilar metals to allow topside refueling of aircraft that had no D-1 nozzle ports. Maybe we can discuss some ideas I have on how to improve “switchology” at the gunner’s station in the AH-1J if he also he also designed all the USMC birds of his era — I mean the gunner’s station is still laid out in an awkward way. I’d suggest he copyright his plans beforehand, though, because — and Golden may not know this — there are apparently ALOT of folks (I’m talking HUNDREDS of them) at Bell, Sikorsky and elsewhere taking credit for and getting paid for what you are now telling all of us was all Golden’s work.
    Who knew?
    This just doesn’t seem fair, since — as you claim — Golden “designed the helicopters we see flying over Hampton Roads all the time.” The nerve of those Bell and Sikorsky scoundrels . . .
    Any chance that even Michaelangelo stole “his” sketch of a helicopter-like airframe from Golden? I know Golden is pretty old, but I don’t think he’s THAT old. Still, I’ll wait to hear from you on that point.
    Perhaps if he can settle with Sikorsky and Bell quickly and can get some of the “backpay” they owe him and receive it in this quarter, he won’t have to take any more (FEC-violating) $20K loans from his parents to finance his campaign.
    What a bonus that would be!
    (By the way — are you the goof who told him that the FEC doesn’t have access to YouTube? I know it’s “free” but he I suggest you guys do some better quality control on your vids . . . and maybe re-read the Hatch Act before you pick shoot locations. After all, the law IS the law.)
    As for reunions, I actually DO go to them, Chris. Do you? I served for 26 years and really don’t need you or anyone to tell me what the reunions are like. Most guys who go to them don’t worry about rank — although I recently learned that commodores are an exception. YOU should know that if YOU did a full military career or have ever actually attended one of these events that you chide me for not understanding. Am I correct in presuming you haven’t? At the reunions I attend, we’re all Bob and Fred and Bill.
    Like I said, pass the keyboard (or the bong) so the message comes from the source and is unadulterated. It’s either getting distorted in translation or is being bloated way beyond reality before it’s handed to you to send. It seems so patently disingenuous.
    The facts about Golden’s career paint a portrait of a guy with the requisite experience needed to address many of the issues of military import to us voters. There’s no need to add all the voodoo and bloat it. I can assure you — Golden didn’t design a helicopter. Stick to the facts and you won’t be making any Mayday calls.

    And in case you have been otherwise misinformed, I’ll let you in on another secret: Golden also did NOT invent the Internet. Al Gore did.

  • Lifelong Elephant, can I buy you an iced tea and listen to some of your thoughts? Please email me:
    This thread is interesting, in part because since 1941, our district has only been represented by one person with military experience: Ed Schrock, 2 terms.

  • Kenny Golden

    Dear Life Long Elephant, or is it Matt, regardless, here are the facts: Yes I have gotten “Green” in my log book on several occasions, both before Desert Storm and during. Before DS it was off the coast of Libya for that crazy operation flying off the USS ENTERPRISE in an H-3 with two Mk-46 torpedoes on the beast. What we were gonna do with them I’m still not sure but I’m sure we woulda scared the pants off the Libyan Nanuchca’s. During Desert Storm, I was fortunate enough to be the first Commanding Officer of HS-2 on the USS NIMITZ and we were the first active duty Navy squadron to fly the HH-60H and we were qualified on the Anvis 6’s. Tried the PVS 5’s once and they scared the hell out of me so good on you for flying with those. PVS-6’s are far superior and I was even Star Light qualled as the CO. What was totally nuts was the first flight on NVG’s at Holtville Field in the desert between MCAS Yuma and the Chocolate Mountains, my instructor on the first flight caused a hard landing that damn near killed us all as he held in power during the landing as we browned out. Almost turned the H-60 over that night. I had my maintenance folks come out with a new wheel and I was pulling power as the sun came up the next morning. Think the young guys name with Dave Pearson and he never stopped apologizing for that night. He was a pro from Pax River and a good egg. We recovered and got all the core crews qualled in time for deployment. Again we were the first Navy Active duty squadron to do this with the SH-60F and the HH-60H and be fully NVG qualled deploying to Desert Storm. While Chris (whoever that is) was off a little on the first, he or she is right on the Navy part. Another first was working with the Pave Low Air Force boys at King Fahd with their H-53’s. We maintained the CSAR for them while they did some heavy fixing to get those big beast back up for Southern Watch. As of my final flights in the Command I had over 4800 hours of flight time and over 1200 on NVGs.
    On designing the MH-60S, yes, I had a great deal of time involved with Sikorsky aircraft in the initial design phase as the Carrier Helo Requirements Head on the Navy Staff. What we wanted to do was to create an airframe that would take the place of the HH-46H’s in the Navy for the Vertrep (cargo hosting)Mission. We knew it would work because we had flown over 750K pounds of Vertrep during that first deployment to Desert Storm. What I personally recommended was taking the Black Hawk airframe and using Naval Hawk components for the engines, rotorhead and flight controls. I also worked with the Sikorsky design folks on the inflight refueling probe. It was not approved due to costs but my design ideas were considerably cheaper than theirs. My only disappointment with the MH-60S is the tail wheel not moving forward like the Seahawk. That mod would have cost in excess of $1M per machine and we knew we had a staffer on Sen.Inouye’s Staff named Charlie Houy that would veto the machine if it came in at more than $10M per copy. We made it and the rest is history. On Sikorsky owing me, sure but active duty guys never collect, however anytime I wanted a job it was waiting for me in Stratford and I still have many friends there.
    I’ll be glad to talk hot gas corrosion in the T-700 anytime and tell you how we solved that problem but for a month or so there we were in big trouble in Desert Storm, replacing engines every 150 hours!!!! It was ugly!
    On the creation of United States Joint Forces Command, in January of 1998 I became the Deputy J5 (Plans and Policy) at US Atlantic Command. I had the privilege of sitting either next to or behind Admiral Hal Gehman as all of us worked thru the challenge of giving up an AOR (area of responsibility) and becoming Joint Forces Command. We were late getting another two star when General Tom Hobbins left so for about 5 months I became the new J8 as we made the transition. My job was to create the division designs and responsibilities for the new J8, Strategy and Requirements and we had the entire directorate designed and billets assigned when RADM Marty Mayer arrived and I became his Deputy. I remained in that job until September of 2000 when I was assigned to Oxford University. While we were making the transition to USJFCOM, I was asked to give up a Senior O-6 as the new head of J9, Joint Experimentation. Instead of giving up my J53 (Strategy Head) I asked now Maj Gen Jon Gallinetti if he would take the post. He and I were both up for flag one last time and I felt he would have a great shot if he took this post. He did, and just retired as a two Star Marine General. One of the neatest things I was able to do was to assign Ensign Tara Golden as one of Gen. Gallinetti’s first twelve folks in J9. As you can see, I owe no one any thanks for Jobs at JFCOM. By the way, I was the Senior Command briefer for two years. On Commanding units, yes, I had four at Sea Commands, the last one consisted of seven ships and over ten thousands Sailors and Marines with just under 100 aircraft as we deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Two of the ships were aircraft carriers. My final DD-214 says I spent 10 full years at sea in my 31 years of service. Hope these facts set the record straight. r KENNY

  • Kenny Golden

    PS, Lifelong Elephant, you can make amends and I’ll buy you a beer at my weekly happy hour today after 5pm. The address is 3707 Va Beach Blvd. Al Gore did invent the internet but Bert Mizusawa, as much as I like him, didn’t invent USJFCOM. No one person or group of persons did. Trust me on that. All the best. r Kenny

  • Evil 1

    Boys will be boys & Men will be men……Okay!
    Gentlemen, Let’s get back to the facts at hand……
    I can’t say I don’t care about who did what where and when it was done, and what branch or rank one held during. Because I really do care. BUT….
    What I, as a voter and citizen, want to know about are the important issues at hand in this government and what the constituent’s are planning to do to fix these ever escalating problems!
    I know we have One Great Candidate in the running and I am behind him 100%! That would be BERT MIZUSAWA!!
    Thanks for your time.

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  • lifelongelephant… don’t know if you are still checking this thread, but some minor corrections – the Nightstalkers have never operated Longbows or any other Apache variant; Ranger Dell’s correct last name is Daily; exactly which “class” was the first fully qualified in NVG’s? Are you talking Ft Rucker flight class? I was an instructor in NVGs and tactics from 81-83, but I can’t remember if there was ever one class designated as the “first” to be fully qualified. Sounds like we may have crossed paths at times though. I was also in Korea in Nov 1984 when then-Captain Bert Mizusawa won his Silver Star during direct combat actions with North Korean military at Panmunjeom… can’t remember a day I was prouder to US soldier. And Kenny, I also spent some time at Pax and in Stratford “designing” the MH-60K, so maybe we crossed paths as well… but let’s be honest, the design impact we had as users probably isn’t apparent to 99.9% of the general public.

    I envy you folks in your choices… clearly you have candidates who have served honorably and with distinction in a variety of different positions. Why even bother trying to distinquish whose service was “more”- anything?

    As an Army guy, I have to say – Go Bert!

  • unbelieveble news dude

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