Not Larry Sabato levels accusations at Bearing Drift

Personally, I was deeply wounded today when I read the following on NLS:

Bearing Drift is one of the biggest Republican blogs in Virginia and top GOP officials from Bob McDonnell to Ken Cuccinelli to the Congressional and General Assembly delegations regularly do podcasts with them. Which is why I was surprised to get an email late last night suggesting that I listen to the intro of the latest podcast with Congressman Randy Forbes.

You mean you don’t visit Bearing Drift, Tribbett?

Your political analysis is so keen you don’t bother to read what one of the “biggest Republican blogs in Virginia” writes on a daily baisis?

You relied on an “email” to find out about our podcast, yet you style yourself as a “new media” consultant?

Well, to help you out Ben, here is our RSS feed for our podcast:

What you do, is you take that feed and you can either put it in iTunes or another podcatcher, or something like Google Reader, and you will automatically get our podcast every time it’s posted.

Had I known you had to rely on email to get our posts, I also would have suggested earlier that you sign-up for our daily email updates, that you can subscribe to here.

E-mail? Really? Welcome to the 1990’s. Hey, Ben: “You’ve got mail!”

A more substantive post on the subject of political violence and rhetoric – and the lack of condemnation of it from the left – will be up later.

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