Trouble ‘Brewing’ in the VA-05 District with Michael McPadden?

Caught up in the controversy in the 2nd District this week, there’s been another story apparently festering in the 5th District. Candidate Michael McPadden last month released a press release with a campaign update, leading with the news that his campaign manager, Joshua Solovskoy, had left the campaign, the second campaign manager to be replaced since December. McPadden’s statement:

As you know now Joshua Solovskoy has resigned from McPadden for Congress. Let me be the first to say that he will be missed. Joshua is a tireless worker and a man of principle who simply does not share the same vision of liberty as this campaign. I am sad to see him go, and truly wish him the very best in all of his future endeavors.

From the surface, all is well. However, Joshua recently has released three statements, including a very long, explosive statement on his personal blog, listing an assortment of allegations and giving his side of why he stepped down.

Ominously enough…

Dear Voter of the Fifth District of Virginia,
I sincerely apologize to you for encouraging you to vote for and/or support Michael McPadden for Congress. I have come to regret any affiliation with McPadden. I feel shame for being so deceived and I ask for your forgiveness for my encouragement of him to you.
In a private meeting with McPadden, just days before my public resignation, I presented my list of grievances and concerns. From the list I advised McPadden to pay money he owed to Ed Robb (Former McPadden Chief of Staff) and to John Dardin (Former Campaign Manager), I reminded him of my objection to the hire a homosexual he was considering as campaign manager and expressed my concern that a future gay hire to his staff if elected to Congress would cause strife and separation of my service from his team. Furthermore, in addition to a multitude of other items from my list I also advised him to be humble and align his thought life with the scriptures, to put God first and champion His moral values. We could not agree. Following that meeting I resigned and I published the following as my explanation for leaving the campaign:
While I was serving as the Chief of Staff I learned of McPadden’s efforts to discredit and have arrested the honorable Ed Robb, McPadden’s former Chief of Staff. Through these events I watched a potential Congressman, McPadden, become consumed with a figment of the imagination and take steps towards eliminating or harming a perceived foe.
Let me conclude with this: Mike McPadden is dangerous to the Fifth District of Virginia because at his core he is an immoral man; he deceives, manipulates, and bends the truth to suit his agenda; he does not have the moral self restraint nor the scriptural disposition that our Founding Fathers believed was a requirement to serve in the People’s House. Finally, McPadden is dangerous because he has demonstrated that he willing to use power to harm those he perceives that are against him.

Isn’t this the type of person that we are trying to remove from Washington?

Dear Voter, again I apologize for any time, money, or support you lent to McPadden for Congress at my enthusiasm or request. I am ashamed and humiliated. I am sorry. Please forgive me for my naïveté?


Rev. Joshua Daniel Solovskoy

Regardless of your opinion on his views (which we’re not here to debate) some explosive allegations. We are a little late to the ball, this has been covered by Va 5th Watchdog and VA Social Conservative

To my knowledge McPadden has not responded, but this public airing of dirty laundry, true or not, cannot bode well for McPadden. With numerous candidates jockeying for positing, the slightest misstep can be disastrous.

  • I’ve had some “fun” with this story also.

    Hilarity. It ensued.

  • Louisa

    This is old news. Please see the post at – hilarity does ensue. As does further revelation of the character of the individual making these outrageous accusations without evidence.

    As posted elsewhere, if you google Solovsky’s “pen name,” here are some highlights:

    “…real men don’t vote Feda for Congress, only mama’s boy(er)s do. Go Verga!”

    “Ron Ferrin… I would rather slug you than shake your hand…”

    This letter is just more of the same.

  • SC – good post. Even more interesting comments on the post:

  • Tim J

    The 2nd is a clown show and now the 5th with a “turd in the punchbowl” politely referred to as a “sockpuppet”. Can’t these candidates get a grip on their campaigns because this is another elephant act in the Virginia GOP circus and campaign supporters are left up sweeping up the dung after the fact.

  • interested observer

    I’ll admit this is the most entertaining congressional race in a very long time. Looking on from the outside, in the end, I really think the only candidates that probably have any type of chance are Boyd and Hurt. The others have run either horrible campaigns up to this point or are just plain bizarre. I have a feeling this one is going to get more fun.

  • Thanks, J.R.

    I’ve updated that SC article with Solovskoy’s latest attempt to justify his position.


  • Wait a second… just read your closing paragraph carefully.

    Regardless of your opinion on his views (which we’re not here to debate) some explosive allegations…

    F…F…F…False! Counselor, if you’re going to open the door on this episode, you should be ready for people to challenge the views that you’re written about.

    To my knowledge McPadden has not responded, but this public airing of dirty laundry, true or not, cannot bode well for McPadden. With numerous candidates jockeying for positing, the slightest misstep can be disastrous.

    Horsecrap. It took me 39.7 seconds (which included a Google search on that sockpuppet name) for me to come to a logical conclusion on which party in this kerfluffle was doing good on the issues and which one needs to deal with their own serious issues.

    Since the primary is going to be attracting mainly the voters who actually care strongly about the candidates, I think it’s safe to say that smear tactics like this (and especially smear tactics that are as bizarre as these) will be completely disregarded by the vast majority of likely voters.

  • Dan

    I shall continue to support McPadden, this campaign guy is off his rocker.

  • Lee Talley

    Really folks stuff like this goes to show you while any moron can file to run for office it doesn’t mean that they should!

  • Although they happen to be spam comments, there is a degree of veracity to the ones in this thread.

  • Anne Wonder

    Actually, I think it goes to show that just because anyone can make a personal blog doesn’t mean they should. This is a bunch of unsubstantiated nonsense. According to the FEC reports both of the named individuals have been payed. Additionally, neither of them have brought claims against the campaign. I don’t know what the motivations are here but this letter has little substance. I agree with Dan – this will not affect my opinion of McPadden in the least.

  • Jay

    I live in the 5th District and to be perfectly frank, this race is turning into a circus. Unless someone can take control of this race, I’m afraid it’s going to give Tom Perriello enough wiggle-room to eek out a narrow win in November.

  • In the 5th

    Whew! I agree, the 5th is a crazy place right now. That being said, people like Joshua are only contributing to it. His “expose” of McPadden not only comes off as self-righteous, but also as a disgruntled ex-staff member who’s got a sore grudge he’s holding. Joshua is doing more damage to himself as a pastor and community member than he’s doing to McPadden. He’s setting out to destroy a perfectly legitimate and constitutional candidate with allegations that come off as over the top and sensationalized. I almost feel sorry for the guy, emphasis on almost.

  • Southside,

    My post about not debating his views were Josh’s thoughts on homosexuality. Nothing else.

  • CardinalCrossing

    If the 5th is a Circus, Tucker is the Master of Ceremonies, or Ring Leader perhaps :^)

  • Donna Martin

    What does Tucker have to do with this???????

  • KenHer

    I met the Reverend Joshua a couple of times when he was with Mike at Smith Mountain Lake. This is for him. You appeared to be an enthusiastic supporter. You bragged that you had two or was it three masters degrees? I gleaned from your limited comments that you decided to join his campaign not that he solicited you. Subsequently, he has some disagreement with others in his campaign and you disagreed with some of his other actions. You forgot a few basics. You signed on to support him and he is the man in charge and your are not.

    You obviously missed out or you were asleep if you ever had any ethics classes in your vast educational achievements. I don’t know, but I can guess you were never in the military or even the Boy Scouts. Duty, Honor , Country and some of the Scout Law, which include Trustworthy, Loyal, and Reverent never sunk in with you. Not a lot of words but a lot of meaning. You claim to be a Reverend. I am also guessing you do not have a legitimate congregation.

    You do owe an apology for your violation of the ethics and morality standards of many, if not most honorable people. But it is far better if you just limit your bloviating (To discourse at length in a pompous or boastful manner) and keep your mouth shut in the personal attack area. In the big scheme of things you are an insignificant blip. I can reasonably guess that the vast majority of the people in the 5th district do not know you and could not care less about your”apology”. I can be confident that you will not become a trusted advisor in any other campaigns. Anyone with any common sense will wonder, “is he going to stab me next”.

    You being a Reverend, of all people, should recall, “Judge not less you be judged.” Furthermore, in my humble opinion, I visualize the often left/right/center political as a line that begins to curve. If you accept that, the lines will meet on the back or dark side and the far left and far right will again come together. People like Farakan on the extreme left and you on the extreme right will come together in your own insignificant minority world.

    Another observation about your writings; I think your audiences interest in what you have to say varies inversely with the length of what you say.

    I am old enough to be your father. Mike could be too. In an earlier time before child abuse and if you were in my family some physical correction would have helped steer you onto a more ethical path. In the days before central heat, which you probably never lived in, the term “woodshed” comes to my thoughts. You probably get the drift. Being a little beyond my prime I sometimes forget. Or can only remember bits. Your actions have lowered my opinion of you. The words I do get into my mind are lower, whale and floor.

    Mike’s error was not vetting you. His statement in no way demeaned you. He made the same mistake that Obama made when he selected Van Jones. Your actions remind me of those of General Arnold of old. Your idea of your self importance resonates with me negatively.

    Consider me as a retired military officer and civil servant. I am a supporter of Mr McPadden. I will be a supporter of the Republican candidate selected. None of the candidates have everything that I would like to have.

    Don’t lose site of the goal. Terminate Tom (peacefully and at the polls. I do not mean violence)

  • Drooling Elmo

    What a difference a few weeks makes! It looks like the crazy Reverend has been exposed as a nut job. Joshua handing out handmade flyers really made him look like either fringe or worse.

    The McPadden Campaign is clearly in the top three. Morton and Verga spend all of their time attacking Mike (front runner?) McKelvey seems to steal Mike’s speeches. Hurt, Boyd and Ferrin are floundering at best. For McPadden, the interest is there, the money is there, the momentum is there, it looks like Mike McPadden has a shot at taking it all.

  • CardinalCrossing

    What did Tucker have to do with this? Well he was instrumental in pushing for a primary knowing a “moderate-Conservative-established” Republican would fair a better chance than with a Convention full of angry Conservatives. We could have been building a war-chest against TP now; instead of still venting Candidates.

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