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VPOD 92: (Exclusive interviews!) Cuccinelli to file lawsuit on healthcare; Wittman says healthcare issue not over legislatively

Healthcare Reform passed the House of Representatives Sunday and now the Senate Bill heads to President Obama for signature. Also passing this evening was the reconcilliation bill, however, that bill will have to be passed this week in the Senate. Democratic Leader Harry Reid has said he thinks he has the votes for the bill to pass the Senate.

In tonight’s podcast, we hear a sampling of the floor debate from House Republican Leader John Boehner (OH) and House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (VA). Then, Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA01), gives a detailed response on only some of the problems with this bill and what can be done about it. Finally, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli outlines how Virginia intends to respond to this law.

Show notes:

1:16 Boehner challenges Democrats on whether or not they even read the bill
1:54 Cantor describes the United States as being “unrecognizable” after this bill is passed
2:45 Interview with Rep. Rob Wittman
3:30 Wittman laments the lack of bipartisanship at passing these bills
4:35 “If you look at Social Security and Medicare, those bills were all past with broad bipartisan support”
5:41 Wittman discusses the true costs of the healthcare bill
6:30 “16,000 new IRS agents to track people down to make sure they have health insurance”
20:18 Cuccinelli discusses Virginia’s legal challenges to the healthcare bill
20:50 “After the president signs this into law, we will proceed to file suit in the Eastern District of Virginia,” said Cuccinelli
21:15 The Supremacy clause does not apply to overcoming Virginia’s Healthcare Freedom Act.
22:00 “Not buying health insurance is not commerce…and therefore, does not subject a person to regulation by congress”
23:40 Cuccinelli discusses the lack of a severability clause in the healthcare bill – “If the individual mandate falls, the whole bill falls – this is the whole ball of wax”
24:40 “We are protecting Virginia’s own sovereignty”
25:45 Cuccinelli thinks things will move along quickly through Virginia’s Eastern District, but may slow down through the rest of the appeals process.


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