Are Nerds Taking Over the GOP?

Real Clear Politics has an humorous article about a rising tide of “nerds” in the Republican Party. They single out for this honor individuals like former Rhodes Scholar and Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, and former OMB Director and Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels.

The column counters by stating that “the jock-GOP culture remains strong” and notes “[the GOP’s] jocks have beat up nerds since the word ‘nerd’ entered our vocabulary – from general Ike versus ‘egghead’ Stevenson to W versus Kerry.”

So is the GOP warming up to nerds? I sure hope so.

It would certainly be refreshing to see voters migrating to substance over style. After electing a series of Presidents who were viewed as guys you’d “want to have a beer with,” the voters may be souring on the idea of a “buddy” President. Perhaps the complex problems facing our nation might cause folks to consider voting for someone they’d rather have as their boss than their co-worker.

Only time will tell, but the longer our nation’s economy remains stagnant, the more the American people may go looking for a leader who has actually solved problems instead of one whose flowery words are backed up by little in the way of action. If that’s the case, it seems the GOP’s wealth of nerds could come in quite handy.

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