Rick Perry v. Bill White in Texas

Let’s just call it the gift that keeps on giving to political junkies.

Texas voters have put the vitriol aside and have re-nominated Governor Rick Perry as the Republican nominee and nominated former Houston Mayor Bill White to run for the Democrats.

White, a true liberals liberal, elicited the following reaction from Nick Ayers of the Republican Governors’ Association:

“It is going to cost the Democratic Governors Association a lot more than a half-million dollars of trial lawyer and big labor union money to give Bill White’s record the extreme makeover it needs.”

And Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, and chairman of the RGA, was appropriately pleased with Perry’s return:

“Governor Perry is a good friend who has helped make Texas one of the top job-creating states in the country. He is providing Texas exactly the type of leadership needed to continue to grow and prosper.”

God bless Texas.