Glenn Nye still clueless

Glenn Nye has been playing Congressman for just over a year. He’s raising money and voting sadly haphazardly, with many wondering if he’s crazy like a fox.

Or is he simply in over his head?

He’s so on top of things, that when the 100,000 or so military spouses who get tuition assistance from the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts suddenly have their education halted, Nye hasn’t a clue what happened, when it happened, why it happened…but he wants an explanation, by gawd!

“Nye said he found out about the sudden stop from a pair of spouses during an event at Oceana Naval Air Station on Feb. 20.” (Virginian-Pilot)

Government is many trillion dollars in debt, more Americans are out of work than in recent memory, Nye’s “stimulus funds” vote ends up with Virginia getting the least amount nationwide, a few carriers are on the chopping block likely headed to Florida, and we have to rely on Glenn Nye to not only know what’s going on, but to be able to have an impact on any of it?

Lord help us!

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  • Mike Barrett

    On the other hand, I just attended a meeting of the Hampton Roads Military Affairs Commission in which Congressman Nye hosted Congressman Scott, past Congressman Pickett, and representatives of Senator Webb, Senator Warner, Congressman Forbes, and Congressman Wittman, to discuss the CVN Homeporting issue. A detailed analysis of this issue was provided to representatives of interested military and civilian groups, and Congressman Nye will lead this bi-partisan Commission to seek retention of the CVN battle group here in Hampton Roads. He was clearly well informed, yet open to discourse and opinion, just what one would expect from a competent and knowledgable Representative.

  • Tim J

    Why are they having these meetings if all of these representatives who are supposed to be “representing” Hampton Roads should have been on the job in the first place?

    Why is Nye “leading” a “bipartisan commission” to sweep up the broken glass after the fact rather than “leading” to prevent these things from happening?

    The “analysis” sounds like face saving and excuse making in an election year or better yet, a cover up for dereliction of duty.

  • Mike Barrett

    Well Tim J, of course, that is the partisan spin, but the fact is, there are citizens of good will and intelligence who want to turn this decision around so that cost effectiveness prevails over a blatant political decision. In fact, two of the candidates for the republican nomination to run against Congressman Nye were there to learn the facts as well. I also applaud their interest in the topic and hope they will offer any assistance to this bi-partisan effort that they can render as well.

  • Tim J

    Mike, no “partisan” spin about it… all of them should stand and face the consequences of this leadership failure including Forbes, Wittman, Nye, Scott, Webb and Warner. Sitting around and “learning” the facts to figure out what to do after the fact isn’t going very far as to why this happened in the first place.

    Someone should emerge here as a “leader” that has some basic ideas on what to do and when to do it or are we going to roll over like fat seals and take a harpoon for the team?

    You can bet that Congressman Crenshaw who is the representative from Mayport Florida is working very hard to strip our carrier from Hampton Roads. Did anyone in the meeting today mention the Florida delegation and their ability to influence and negotiate with the decision makers? Apparently our “leaders” don’t have a clue about who’s doing what to whom as Hampton Roads gets pillaged behind their backs.

    Also, the problem in Hampton Roads isn’t just one carrier, it is two carriers because the USS Enterprise is going to be decommissioned.

  • Mike Barrett

    Well, the onew thing we know is how it happened. Presdient Bush promised a carrier to his brother the Governor of Florida. Now, I regret you are so poorly informed. Perhaps I could suggest that you volunteer to serve on the Commission.

  • Tim J

    Mike, hello… anyone there?? President Bush isn’t President anymore and his brother isn’t the Governor anymore. You must be having flash backs again about those bad old Republican meanies…

  • Mike Barrett

    Actually no, I am simply relating the facts of the matter as relayed to me and all of Hampton Roads in a statement from Representative Randy Forbes who said he was in the room when President Bush promised the carrier to the Senator from Florida long before this latest round of reviews by the Navy. That is just the way it works sometimes.

  • Timothy Bair

    I have followed the government and military procurement process for years, and it is, to say the least, exasperating at best.

    The GAO and IG’s are sadly always behind the curve due to political appointees and each department having their own set of standards makes the system, well, bluntly, ungovernable. They’re doing the best with what they have but we require a fresh perspective.

    Politicians placate their base, that’s to be expected, but after the Boeing/ Northrup Grumman/EADS dust up I looked long and hard at the process. While Americans fight over the bones tossed to them by their own government, our so-called allies in the Atlantic Alliance with the complicit assistance of Sen. Hagel and former National Security advisor Scrowcroft, conspire with EU bureaucrats and America’s EU defense competition to transfer our contracting authority to NATO and EU bureaucrats.

    Pay attention folks. We’re being recolonized and you folks are fighting over scraps at the table.

  • Shiek of Araby

    Re the military spouses tuition assitance program – nobody knows what happened. The program was just inexplicably halted. Thousands of spouses who had already been approved for assistance are SOL now, having enrolled in courses that they cannot pay for. As I understand it, the plug was just pulled, without warning, and no explanation given. Not sure how you can accuse Nye of being “clueless” here. EVERYONE is all, WTF? I understand your propensity to slam the Dem Flavor of the Day, but you’re barking up the wrong tree here. I would expect Nye, or Thelma Drake, or Ed Schrock, or Owen Pickett, to raise holy hell about something like this that has such a negative impact on their constituents, and that was for all intents and purposes done without any warning.

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