Glenn Nye still clueless

Glenn Nye has been playing Congressman for just over a year. He’s raising money and voting sadly haphazardly, with many wondering if he’s crazy like a fox.

Or is he simply in over his head?

He’s so on top of things, that when the 100,000 or so military spouses who get tuition assistance from the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts suddenly have their education halted, Nye hasn’t a clue what happened, when it happened, why it happened…but he wants an explanation, by gawd!

“Nye said he found out about the sudden stop from a pair of spouses during an event at Oceana Naval Air Station on Feb. 20.” (Virginian-Pilot)

Government is many trillion dollars in debt, more Americans are out of work than in recent memory, Nye’s “stimulus funds” vote ends up with Virginia getting the least amount nationwide, a few carriers are on the chopping block likely headed to Florida, and we have to rely on Glenn Nye to not only know what’s going on, but to be able to have an impact on any of it?

Lord help us!