Cantor runs afoul of Obama at Healthcare Summit

Apparently President Barack Obama didn’t appreciate Republican Whip Eric Cantor (Virginia) bringing a copy of the Senate’s healthcare bill to today’s healthcare summit as reference material.

Geez, Eric, why on earth would you want to actually bring the thing you’re supposed to be discussing to the meeting?

I bet you used to bring your books to class in college too.

So, let me get this straight – the thing Democrats are thinking of shoving down this country’s throat using the “nuclear option” of reconcilliation in the Senate is called a “prop” by the president?

Makes perfect sense to me!!

  • Tim J

    Saw Eric with the bill in front of him with page markers sticking out and one of the volumes was opened up. The bill was stacked up vertically so he was peeking over the top of it at the President and the other Democrats, which was great theater.

  • Conservativa

    Hahahahahahahaha! Go, Eric!

    Then Obama apparently lectured him that healthcare was “complicated.” No kidding. Which is why it should be reformed cautiously, and not in some near 2000-page monster bill.

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  • Logical Conservative

    Glad he is forcing everyone to at least look at it; it’s probably the first time many of them have actually seen it. Very sad commentary.

  • Steve Vaughan

    Not surprising that Eric “Champion of the Overdog” Cantor, can’t get beyond poltical gamesmanship to actually discuss perhaps solving a pressing problem. Insurance industry is likely paying him to make sure it remains unsolved.

  • John H

    Too bad it wasn’t in fully tabbed binders so it would have had to be handtrucked in to really make Eric’s case.

  • Of course he said its a prop. He’s telling the truth. He doesn’t care what gets passed as long as the structure of gov’t control is installed. It IS a prop. For him.

    For once, he told the truth…..

  • Rep Paul Ryan’s response here is excellent

  • Ben

    Anyone else notice that when Cantor argued that the “Secretary” will have the power to determine which conditions are treatable, you could hear Obama ask “Is that true?”….

    I’m trying to find the clip now.

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