Leave the blogging to Blue Virginia

I have to give Blue Virginia props.

Even they wouldn’t be stupid enough to write what I saw tonight on Daily Kos:

And the teabagging, bipartisan response in front of an all GOP audience is over. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell had a “black woman”, “asian guy”, and “military guy” behind him. The seating chart for this thing must have been six months in the making.

Actually, the “black woman” is McDonnell’s Secretary of Administration, Lisa Hicks-Thomas. The “Asian guy” is Secretary of Commerce and Trade Jim Cheng. The “military guy” is Staff Sargeant Robert Tenpenny, who served with Jeanine McDonnell in Iraq. And, for good measure, in the lower right, is Secretary of the Commonwealth Janet Polarek.

Even my friends on the left who live in Virginia know better than to write such drivel than what appeared on Kos.

Way to insult a state’s cabinet…dumb a$$e$.

Speaking of what Blue VA blogged, check out the SOTU response from Warner and Perriello.

  • Nova Guy

    Leave it to the lefty blogosphere to pounce on something so predictably.

    They would howl over anything they could find. If Governor McDonnell had seated four white people, whether men or women, they would be freaking out about that.

    Instead they are squealing about the diversity of the group behind him, clearly of the belief that no Republican would really surround himself with such an array of people.

    What it shows is that they didn’t know they were looking at three members of his cabinet and a soldier who served with McDonnell’s daughter. All they saw was the color of the people’s skin.

    And which side of the aisle sees things in terms of race again?

  • Mike Barrett

    Proves the point that it is much easier to say “I’m gonna” than to actually govern. It is ironic that the Governor has been a part of the greatest deterioration of our transportation infrastructure in the history of the Commonwealth, yet is offered up as a role model by national leaders of his party for his performance. Is that the future of our nation? We destroy what our fathers created, and then brag about it? Further, McDonnell is about to preside over $4,000,000,000 in cuts to the budget, most to funds that would have been sent to cities and counties, that will be made in small subcommittees, in the dead of the night, with little to no public participation, and we have not heard a peep from citizens about this? What happened to open government? Where are the libertarians and the tea party members? I guess if it is cuts they are fine with how its done. So much for the democratic process.

  • Nova Guy

    I don’t see how you can assert that McDonnell is complicit in the “greatest deterioration of our transportation infrastructure” when he has been governor for just twelve days following eight entire years of Democrat chief executives of Virginia.

  • Mike – what does that have anything to do with this post? You’re in danger of getting banned from this site permanently if you hijack threads. Learn some etiquette.

  • Charles

    Not only did they complain about the diversity, AND suggest that MCDonnell had hired them.

    They also made FUN of the people for their appearance, and joked about their abilities.

    They showed what liberals REALLY think about minorities.

    And of course, they can’t help but use offensive sex terms, or other profanity.

    But you give way too much credit to the BlueVirginia folks — they fell for the “Republican obstruction” charge hook line and sinker, without explaining how a in a congress where the house is solidly democrat and can pass ANYTHING THEY WANT with only democrats, and the Senate until last week had a filibuster-proof DEmocrat majority, the REPUBLICANS were able to cause “gridlock”.

    It’s not like any of the Democrat’s ideas were blocked by the liberals of their party, because they were reaching out to republicans. It was the moderates of the democratic party who balked at what they were doing — which means not only were the democrats NOT reaching out to republicans, they weren’t getting CLOSE TO THE CENTER in their proposals.

    When you can’t get your own moderates to vote for your bills, it is stupid to think that the problem is Republicans saying no.

    But BlueVirginia thinks it all makes sense.

  • Mike Barrett

    Well NOVA guy, he was a senior member of the majority in the House of Delegates where bills to fix transportation went to die, and as Attorney General, he was right in the middle of the failure of the House to structure a plan that approved new funding and eventually was declared unconstitutional because the required taxes and fees were not approved by Legislature. If I get kicked off this forum for answering your question, I apologize for providing this truthful history of the situation.

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  • Brian Kirwin

    Mike continues to urge people who campaigned on not raising taxes to just go ahead and raise them.

    “Truthful”???? Ha Ha! He’s asking people to lie and talks about truth?

  • Nova Guy

    Your concern about open government is certainly refreshing. I presume, on that matter, that you are furious with the president and Congress about the secrecy surrounding federal health care reform, yes?

    And … in the mean time, before you change the subject again, what is your take on the obvious liberal racism displayed by mocking the McDonnell cabinet?

  • Mike Barrett

    Brian, once again, you simply don’t get it. I urge candidates who run to tell the truth. Regretfully, because of political operatives like you, in today’s world, that is impossible. So we get platitudes about transportation, not solutions, and in the meantime, the deterioration simply continues at an accelerated rate. Frankly, that is insanity, not public service.

  • Brian Kirwin

    Mike, by asking elected officials to raise taxes after saying they won’t, you are asking them to lie.

  • Mike Barrett

    Again Brian, I am asking them not to lie to get elected.

  • Jimmy D

    The comment made on Daily Kos was indeed stupid, unnecessary and ugly. However, it was just ONE comment, people. It’s hardly indicative of what “all liberals” think. Let’s not fall into that trap. An entire political philosophy should not be indicted on the careless comments of one person. That goes for both sides.

  • Tim J

    J.R., your right, Mike is a “Thread Hijacker” and should be water boarded… Wait a minute, wrong administration… he should be read a Miranda warning and be free to exercise his Constitutional right to mix and match post threads to confuse himself.

  • D.J. Spiker

    This article was picked up by Politico is response to snarking from the left, kudos JR!

  • Nova Guy

    It was not alone.

    Here’s one from a well-respected lefty columnist Walter Shapiro, who observes that “it was strange to see four unknown Virginians (white, black, and Asian-American) nodding and clapping on cue behind McDonnell.”


    Umm, they are only “unkown” if you assume they are simply props and therefore not even attempt to find out their identities.

    And here’s another, which uses the very condescending phrase “human wallpaper” to describe the members of a McDonnell’s cabinet and an Iraq war veteran:


    That one is from the Center for Media and Democracy — hardly a fly-by-night outfit.

    Again, assuming that if Republicans have a diverse group of people around them, it must be staged and they must be token decorations.

    That, friends, is simply liberal racism — seeing people for WHAT they are and not WHO they are and what important positions they may hold.

  • GovGirl

    DJ – link?

  • Brian Kirwin

    “Again Brian, I am asking them not to lie to get elected.”

    Like Mark Warner?

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  • Mike Barrett

    Brian, even the republicans at the time were astounded at the fiscal irresponsibility of Governor Gilmore and when his cover up was revealed, they voted with the democrats to prevent the Commonwealth from going bankrupt and losing its coveted triple A bond rating.

  • Conservativa

    I looked at that thread last night. It wasn’t just one comment – the thread went on and on about it. Why did I even go read that? Several minutes of my life I will never get back.

    An exercise for the reader: compare and contrast the careers of the people McDonnell hires for his cabinet with the people Obama hired for his, and see how that reflects the worldview of each man doing the hiring.

  • Big Dog

    BobbyMc had his famous Chesire Cat grin working — no doubt
    pleased with twisting the dagger that Kaine had
    shoved in the back of Loudoun County schools through
    freezing the Local Composite Index’s normal
    scheduled reset.

    The Governor seemed almost giddy after taking away
    30 million dollars from Loudoun children.

    I expected better of him – much better.

  • Brian Kirwin

    Mike, you’re talking about Gilmore? Gilmore?

    2010, Mike. Come on and join us.

  • Sid

    C’mon Brian. You can’t ignore Gilmore’s legacy and his disasterous “No Car Tax” BS. The state is paying out nearly $1 billion per year to the localities, as we speak. It’s the elephant in the room, no pun intended. THAT, my friend, is a major reason why we’re in this hole. Deal with it.

  • Brian Kirwin

    And Mark Warner ushered in the largest tax increase in Virginia history and didn’t put a single cent towards transportation.

    Keep blaming Gilmore. I blame Mark Warner.

  • Nova Guy

    In 2020, guys like Mike will still be wailing about George Bush and Jim Gilmore.

    At some point in the future, Barack Obama will be sitting in a nursing home in Illinois whining about what he “inherited” in 2009.

    I notice that when the economy turned around while Mark Warner was governor, he got pretty much full credit for being a genius. When the economy turned south when Tim Kaine was governor, George Bush got all the blame.

    So … good economy, Democrat governor good. President who?

    Bad economy, Democrat governor good. President bad.

    Makes sense to me.

    Oh, and don’t forget, during the boom years while George Allen was governor, it was the genius of Bill Clinton that was responsible.

    But, when the economy went south again, it was all Jim Gilmore’s fault.


    Sense a trend here?

  • Steve Vaughan

    I’m shocked, shocked I say, that there would be unfair criticism of our governor on a Democratic political blog. It’s an outrage! I would be equally shocked if there was unfair criticism of the president on Red State or Bearing Drift, but that of course, would never happen.

  • Mike Barrett

    Thank goodness Brian you feel that way. So we’ll never have to hear about your hero, Ronald Reagan again!

  • Brian Kirwin

    Nor yours, Jimmy Carter.

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