Wilson & McWaters disagree on Obamacare

Never thought a Republican primary would turn on who supports Obamacare, but that’s the way it’s going for the 8th Senate district race between Rosemary Wilson and Jeff McWater$.

“Wilson accused McWaters of favoring mandated health insurance for all Americans, a charge he did not deny.

A Wilson mailer distributed on breakfast tables Saturday pictured McWaters next to President Barack Obama with the words, “Like President Obama, liberal politician Jeff McWaters wants the government to control your health care.”

McWaters, whose former company specializes in managing care for Medicaid recipients, said all Americans should have health insurance.

“Health care is a right in America,” he said. (Virginian-Pilot)


Jeff McWaters is further to the left of Rep. Glenn Nye on government health care!

Rosemary Wilson’s campaign was quick to drive the point home in a press release:

“Wilson’s opponent for the Republican nomination, Jeff McWaters, reiterated and defended his support for mandated health coverage, similar to that proposed by Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi in Washington.”

McWaters was beaten in the sign wars, too, and several attendees noted how he voiced his displeasure to his campaign staff. Sources also report that Beach GOP Chairman stepped in to make sure no sign destruction/obstruction would occur.unnamed-wince

With the United States Senate voting for cloture on Obamacare, McWaters is likely choosing the worst two weeks possible for a health care executive touting health care as a “right” to compete in a Republican primary.

Life, Liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and mandatory government-rationed health care. For some reason, I don’t think that was in even one of Jefferson’s early drafts.

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