Trouble in the 37th District

Coming soon to the 37th State Senate district…Dave Marsden. It appears Marsden has established a web appearance showing that he is running for the Democratic nomination. Is this the best candidate that the Democrats could recruit? He nearly won re-election by 209 votes for his House of Delegates seat.

Aside from this, there are some ethical concerns stemming from Marsden’s run for the open State Senate seat that need to be examined closely. For starters, the domain to his State Senate site was purchased on November 17, 2009. He has not filed to run for the seat or even moved into the district yet. Wouldn’t Marsden need to file before spending any money on the race? Also, this would technically be breaking the law, wouldn’t it?

According to the Virginia State Board of Elections, a candidate for elected office in Virginia becomes subject to the provisions of the Campaign Finance Disclosure Act once any of the following occurs:

a. the candidate receives ANY money towards his candidacy;
b. the candidate spends ANY money towards his candidacy; and/or
c. the candidate files a Certificate of Candidate Qualification or a Declaration of Candidacy form;

Once a candidate accomplishes any one of the items listed above, that individual must file a Statement of Organization for a Candidate form within 10 days of receiving and/or spending monies toward his candidacy OR filing a qualifying form.

H/T Riley at Virginia Virtucon

This could end up spelling big trouble with Marsden’s run for State Senate, along with carpetbagging charges. As a resident of the 37th District, I want someone who is actually involved and living in the district to represent me in the State Senate, as they experience similar issues when it comes to transportation struggles, etc.