Al Gore’s Attorney helps Mathieson

The Mathieson message – We want the votes counted, so stop counting!

Great logic, but then again this was the Democrat who was so “tough on crime” he bucked his own party to let felons work in schools.

And in a great show of bipartisanship and effectiveness, he’s hired an expert, John Young, from the Al Gore losing team from Florida in 2000.

The Virginia Supreme Court may rule today on whether the voter registrar can finish counting the votes, or can they allow the delay sought by Mathieson’s big money campaign team.

Speaking of big money, whatever happened to Mathieson’s embezzled campaign funds? Voters still don’t know where those “expenditures” went. If Mathieson wants every vote counted, the least he can do is tell the public where every dollar went.

One of the many whines of the sore loser team is that they want justification of the absentee ballots that were never returned by voters. Yeah, that’s what this mess is boiling down to. If you requested an absentee ballot but never wound up voting, the Mathieson campaign wants to know why.

Then when that nonsense gets them nowhere, they’ll go after absentee ballots that were returned, and suddenly their “count every vote” will amazingly switch to “throw these votes out.”

And the longer it goes on, the sillier the protesting Democrats (most of whom don’t even live in the district) will look.