Virginia’s Choice: The Lawyer or the Lightweight

If you have read my last two entries in this series, then I suspect you know what’s coming in this third installment. To use a term that I believe I coined, the McBollinelli ticket is quite possibly the strongest statewide ticket ever fielded by the GOP in Virginia. Even so, beyond being a great Republican warrior, I think there are some other very important reasons why Ken Cuccinelli is the best choice for Attorney General.

First and foremost, Cuccinelli understands the job he is running for and he knows why he is running for it. Cuccinelli is passionate about the law. He understands what the role of the legal system is in our society and how it may be used to protect individual rights from tyrannical encroachments by the government, just as our founding fathers intended. He understands why the role of the Attorney General is so important in protecting federalism and the rights of the states that are built into the Constitution. Steve Shannon, on the other hand, has stated that these foundational concepts of our Republic are outdated notions and apparently believes it is inappropriate to defend Virginia’s rights against the Federal Government in court. In my view, those comments should automatically disqualify Shannon from consideration for the job of Attorney General.

Further, Ken Cuccinelli has spent his entire career fighting for the causes that he believes in. Certainly there is no one out there who can say that Ken Cuccinelli is not a fighter. Even if you disagree with him on some things, you have to respect a person who is willing to to say “Damn the torpedoes!” when it comes to standing up for what is right. I think that is the type of person most Virginians would want serving as Virginia’s top law enforcement official. Steve Shannon, on the other hand, has never been known to fight for much of anything. He has had a completely undistinguished career in the House of Delegates and really hasn’t put forth much of a platform for Attorney General. I doubt the main factor most Virginians are looking for in their next AG is opportunism.

Finally, I have to agree with Loundon Insider and say that Steve Shannon has run one of the most lackluster statewide campaigns I have ever witnessed. His campaign really begs the answer to one simple question: What the hell has Steve Shannon been doing with all his time and money? I mean seriously, Shannon had no opponent in the Democratic primary. He was free to raise money and formulate his campaign while Ken Cuccinelli had to fight off, not one, but two strong challengers. Honestly, if I was a contributor to the Steve Shannon campaign, I would ask for my money back.

Apparently Steve Shannon thought all he would have to do is to say the word “prosecutor” and plaudits and poll numbers would fall out of the sky. Unfortunately for Shannon, his opponent is probably one of the best campaigners in the Commonwealth and he has shown it. In every debate, Cuccinelli has looked serious and sober while Shannon has looked petty and unprepared. On the Melendez-Diaz case too, Cuccinelli looked like a leader while Shannon looked like he was just late to the party.

Sadly, Steve Shannon has now resorted to name-calling and classic Democrat scare tactics in the twilight hours of his campaign. Perhaps if he had used all that time and money he had to actually study the job he was running for and formulate some sort of campaign strategy, he wouldn’t be forced to resort to such underhanded efforts this late in the game.

In this contest, there really is only one choice. Ken Cuccinelli has spent a lifetime in the law. He will be a zealous advocate for all Virginians and could be a transformative Attorney General. Steve Shannon is a legislative lightweight who is simply fighting out of his class. Virginians should leave the keys to the office of Attorney General in the hands of a professional.

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