Democrats ignore Hampton Roads

While Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli wrap up the campaign with a 7-stop rally tour ending in Virginia Beach at the Sandler Center, the closest the Democrats are coming to Hampton Roads is Richmond.

Have the Democrats completely written off Hampton Roads and abandoned the Democrat delegates who are hanging by threads here?

Or have they all decided that the further away Deeds and company stay, the better for their down-ticket candidates?

  • Uh, seems to me Deeds spent some time in Tidewater this weekend. Perhaps Brian spends too much time fixating on those he supports while ignoring the efforts of those he opposes.

    Touche Brian. My comment goes without riposte because it is unnecessary.

  • The second largest population center warrants a trip on the eve of the election, i.e. the Republican ticket holding the largest rally here in Virginia Beach, despite being here yesterday as well in Chesapeake.

    There is no excuse for Deeds & Co bailing on Hampton Roads on the Monday before.

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  • Max Shapiro

    The excuse is they were really here to begin with. I can count the number of Deeds 4×8’s I’ve seen on one hand. They were all at Union stations or the Eastern Shore on Route 13.

  • Jim Miller

    Good riddance. I think you should run my campaign, Brian. Do you think there is a spot around that needs a conservative viewpoint with no regard for politics in general or as usual?

    I think we need to make the real changes around the country by ridding ourselves of the Democratic dumbasses that think they can fly in the face of what the country wants and needs. Vote 2010 to rid the country of the Botox Queen Pelosi (What is wrong with her anyway?) and Dingy Harry.


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