VPOD 81: Michael Steele, Bob McDonnell, Barbara Comstock and Chris Stolle: Campaign Prediction Open-Thread

In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Bob McDonnell, Michael Steele, Barbara Comstock, and Chris Stolle join us for original interviews.

Steele talks about the importance of Virginia to the conservative movement and the Republican Party. Not only do we talk Virginia politics, but we delve into NY-23 and New Jersey as well.

McDonnell discusses how his jobs plan will help the people of Franklin and all Virginians. He also addresses how he will take on the budget and makes one final pitch for voters before they cast their ballot on Tuesday.

Comstock and Stolle – two candidates who potentially could pick-up seats for the GOP in the House of Delegates – describe their campaigns and what they would hope to accomplish if elected.

Finally, Brian Kirwin and Shaun Kenney tell us what they’ll be looking for on election day and give us their predictions.

And this podcast is also your prediction open-thread. Use this thread to submit your thoughts on the campaign and what you think the final outcomes will be. The person who is closest to picking the outcome of the statewide races (percentatges, please) and the right margin of seats between Republicans and Democrats in the House of Delegates will win a gift from the Bearing Drift store.

Drop me an email at vpod@bearingdrift.com with your thoughts and comments on the show.

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  • George Templeton

    Mason Conservative linked to this and I enjoyed listening to this.
    McDonnell 56, Deeds 43
    Bolling 54, Wagner 45
    Cuccinelli 57, Shannon 42

    General Assembly: GOP 66, Democrats 34

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