So…What Do We Do Now?

Like the only Freshman girl who gets asked to the prom, Virginia Republicans are in an unfamiliar situation these days. Over the past several years, the last week of a campaign for the GOP has been filled with last ditch pleas to friends and family, convincing ourselves that the polls don’t tell the whole story, talking up our GOTV efforts, and praying for an early blizzard in NoVa.

Now it is our Democrat friends who are staring down the wrong end of a Rasmussen daily tracker and hoping for a last minute act of God or YouTube to change the course of the election. Likewise, it is the long-suffering Republicans of Virginia who are desperately trying to stifle their elation until the night of November 3rd, when they can finally let go of eight years of frustration and missed opportunities.

So this is what it feels like to be in the lead coming around Turn 4, Republicans. Enjoy it. But as you do, don’t forget to make those last few phone calls, put up those last few yard signs, and talk to those last few friends and coworkers who still haven’t decided if they are going to vote. Tell them why YOU are making a point to go out on Election Day and cast your vote for Bob McDonnell, and then don’t forget to do it.

Do everything you can between now and 7 PM next Tuesday to ensure that the pontificating powers of political punditry hear the voice of Virginia loud and clear. Come Wednesday morning, let’s make sure that “Landslide” Bob McDonnell earns his nickname for real this time.

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