Two New Polls Give Republicans Sound Sweep

Both SurveyUSA and Public Policy Polling has new numbers out and they aren’t looking good for any of Virginia’s statewide Democratic nominees.


Bob McDonnell: 58
Creigh Deeds: 41

Lt. Governor
Bill Bolling: 56
Jody Wagner: 42

Attorney General
Ken Cuccinelli: 57
Steve Shannon: 41

SurveyUSA is heavy Central Virginia but still has McDonnell up huge in Northern Virginia. Also of note, McDonnell gets 55% of women and 38% of the voters identifying themselves as “pro-choice” – an audience the Deeds campaign was specifically targeting by focusing on McDonnell’s 20 year old thesis.

The worst showing by any Republican in any region of the state is Bolling with 53% in Southeast Virginia, Wagner’s home area.

Public Policy Polling:

Bob McDonnell: 55
Creigh Deeds: 40

Lt. Governor
Bill Bolling: 50
Jody Wagner: 38

Attorney General
Ken Cuccinelli: 52
Steve Shannon: 36

PPP also puts Deeds’s unfavorable at 49% while McDonnell enjoys a 56% approval rating. OUCH.

Compare to August 4th, Deeds favorable/unfavorable was 43/32 (+9) before the Thesis, now it sits at 38/49 (-11). McDonnell went from 54/26 (+28) to 56/36 (+20).

Only 28% of those voting for Deeds are voting specifically against McDonnell and 69% for Deeds. McDonnell, on the other hand, has 83% specifically supporting him and only 14% voting in protest against Deeds.

Only 24% of respondents feel the Democrats should have nominated either Brian Moran of Terry McAuliffe, 34% saying no.

Obama’s approval rating is 42% with disapproval at 52%.

The damage these numbers would do further down the ticket could be astounding.

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