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WaPo: Our Endorsement Meaningless, Still Won’t Help Deeds

From the Fix [1], who I grudgingly respect:

…Sunday, the Post endorsed Deeds over McDonnell — raising the question of whether the endorsement can be deja vu all over again for the Democrat.

The answer? Probably not.
Could the Post endorsement have some impact on bringing some wayward northern Virginia Democrats (and even some independents) back into the Deeds camp? Sure.
But, the Post endorsement of Deeds was expected — if the paper’s editorial board had endorsed McDonnell that would have been a big story — and, referring back to our handy-dandy endorsement hierarchy chart, newspaper endorsements rank in the bottom half in terms of influence particularly in general elections.
Still, Post endorsement/Obama visit or not, this contest is an uphill climb for Deeds. It’s not unwinnable but he needs some sort of game-changer in the final weeks that he hasn’t found just yet.

Glad to see even partisan observers understand the dynamics of this race and Creigh Deeds failure as a candidate. Commentary likes this needs no further explanation. 14 days.