Deeds New Ad Makes Mark Warner a Liar, Quickly Takes it Down

In the latest blunder from the Deeds campaign, they posted, then retracted a new ad with current junior Senator and former Governor Mark Warner. Just one tiny problem with the ad…this quote from Sen. Warner:

Deeds knows keeping taxes low and controlling spending is the right way to keep Virginia the best place to do business

How can State Senator Deeds promise to raise your taxes and keep them low? Virginians have come to associate “raised taxes” with “Creigh Deeds” so why create an ad that makes the ‘most popular’ elected official in the state a liar? Whoops.

Keep in mind this was a script assuredly written by Deeds campaign, the same team that helped pen Deeds’ infamous ‘I will raise taxes’ op-ed in the Washington Post and the same team that promised the FOP one thing and the Virginia Sheriff’s Association another.

Due to the now classic Deeds M.O. of left-hand-not-knowing-what-the-right-hand-is-doing, the campaign quickly pulled the ad, though it can still be found across YouTube.

Creigh Deeds simply continues to run one of the worst campaigns in Virginia gubernatorial history.