Scott Taylor announcing in the 2nd

Scott Taylor, who most recently ran in the 2008 Virginia Beach Mayoral election, joins Scott Rigell and Ben Loyala in the already crowded GOP field for the party’s congressional nomination.

Taylor, the former Navy SEAL, hopes to unseat incumbent Glenn Nye, who Taylor feels hasn’t adequately addressed the issues of the economy, creating and protecting jobs, health care, education, transportation, and energy.

“Our Democratic leaders in Washington believe that more government spending is the answer to these challenges. I don’t agree,” said Taylor. “In fact, I don’t believe that the best solutions are going to come from government. We need to empower the private sector and entrepreneurs to develop innovative, common-sense solutions to these challenges.”

Taylor told Bearing Drift that he felt it was necessary to enter the race now before his GOP rivals got too much of a head start. However, he insists his heart is currently in the 2009 gubernatorial campaign.

“Seven weeks from today, Virginians will choose who will lead our Commonwealth in Richmond,” he said. “Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, and Ken Cuccinelli are the best choices to lead us and I’m focused on ensuring they win on November 3rd.”

Taylor was raised on the Eastern Shore in Hebron by a single mother and was the youngest serving SEAL when he first joined the teams. He is active in the community through Operation Smile and mentoring, as well as participating as the “Voice of Leadership” on Portfolio Weekly – a video blog that aims to highlight examples of leadership and goodwill in Hampton Roads.

Update: Taylor has released a video making this announcement…it’s pretty damn good:

Scott Taylor for Congress from Craig Kimberley on Vimeo.

  • Don’t count out Scott Taylor. Virginia Beach has an impressive list of elected officials who didn’t win their first time. Running in the first local elections to be held in November isn’t the easiest introduction to campaigning, but it’s an experience that no other candidate has had. It may prove to be valuable one for Taylor.

    If he does the logistical side of campaigning well this time, he’ll quickly be considered upper tier.

  • William Bailey

    I think Scott is a good candidate. We’ll have to hear what “his plan is for the economy, creating and protecting jobs, health care, education, transportation, and energy.”

    He could be a force in future races if he has real ideas and a plan.

  • Patricia Caruso

    I volunteered for Scott’s campaign for Mayor of Virginia Beach 2008, and after working with him and for his cause I found him to be an excellent candidate and still find him to be one so once again I am going to support him 100%.
    Scott is a well-prepared man, will be coming full-force, and of course, be bringing real ideas.

  • Jake Newbold

    I grew up with Scott in the SEAL teams and have been good friends with him my entire adult life. The man is leaps and bounds over his competition! With his new intuitive ideas he has the fresh young mindset that our government desperately needs with our ever changing society. Not getting this man elected would surely be a chance that our dear nation can not afford to miss. I’ve trusted him with my life countless different times, you can bet your ass I’ll trust him to represent my voice in the house! “Go get em’ Scotty!”

  • and great that he supports Operation Smile which does amazing work. Please lend a little support to this cause yourself just by using Operation Smile’s free Yahoo search page each day at Try it now and tell friends, too.

  • Kathie Gerber

    Excellent Video, it showed Scott as an ordinary person with excellent morals and values. Good Luck in the election.

  • vbfirstlanding76

    Scott Taylor? I don’t doubt he’s a nice man, but he got less than 9% of the vote when he ray for Mayor. When 91% of Virginia Beach voters say, “Thanks but no thanks”, I’m not sure he’d be the best to take on Nye.

    He finished DEAD LAST in all 94 precincts in the City of Virginia Beach. Moss from the Taxyper’s Alliance got more votes than Scott in every single precinct, and spent 1/4th the money that Scott did. That is staggering indictment, because a “real” grassroots candidate would at least win one precinct. At least finish second, somewhere? But to finish dead last in 94 different areas of the city is not a resume to run for a bigger office.

  • M.N.

    I have known Scott for 10 years. He is a very intelligent and ambitious man. He has the unique ability to analyze a situation, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide effective solutions. I think if you really look into who the candidates are and what they represent, as well as the direction they are going. I am confident you will find Scott Taylor is an ambitious motivated man passionate about the issues that affect our community, and he has a clear effective way ahead.

  • brian ribera

    Having known Scott my entire adult life, I can tell you he lives the kind of morals, values, and ethics we need in today’s government. As some others have blogged, he didn’t win in a previous election…True enough and what has changed in Virginia Beach as a result?…Nothing! It is a time for change, it is a time for Scott Taylor. We as a people need results and people we can count on.


    I have been a close helper of Scott for five years, and have admired his human and professional side. I have received his support during difficult moments of my life and for this reason I will be always grateful with him.

    I am sure that Scott will give the same support to the American people who he loves and works for. Many may be fearful of his youth but the people that know him are certain of his ability, courage, capacity and intelligence to manage and direct any circumstance.


    Scott you represent the force of the youth.
    Best wishes for you.

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