Deeds: “No Special Rights for Gays”

Since we seem to be having fun this campaign cycle using the “way-back machine” to examine a paper Bob McDonnell wrote twenty years ago, TWS decided to take a short trip back only ten. On Oct. 29, 1999, Bath County Recorder, Deeds wrote in a full-page ad:

I don’t believe in discrimination, but I don’t believe in special rights for anyone. I have never voted to allow gay partners to receive medical insurance — or any other benefit — from the state. It’s sad that Mr. Collins has to resort to bigotry and hate-mongering.

This revelation carries new meaning in light of the latest bit of “reporting” that the Post conducted, which reintroduces the sexual harassment hearings of Newport News Circuit Court Judge Verbena Askew and attempts to portray McDonnell as homophobic.

FYI, in that “report”, the reporter, Amy Gardner, failed to include that two prominent Democrats were also involved: current Majority Leader Senator Richard Saslaw (D) and the first woman on the Senate Courts Committee, Senator Janet Howell (D). Both voted against Askew in 2003.

Saslaw said that Askew hearing was fair and Howell said that Askew exercised “poor judgment.”

  • “I have always run for office based on my accomplishments. Unfortunately, my opponent and others have viciously distorted my record”

    So much for that! Funny to see Deeds complaining about what he is now doing.

  • foobar

    On The Gays:

    Deeds: “I dont believe in discrimination”

    BobbyMac: “When man’s basic inclination is towards evil [such as] homosexuality, the government must restrain, punish and deter.”

    On Working Women:

    Deeds: ??

    BobbyMac: “detrimental” (from the ‘Back to Burkas’ chapter)

    ’72 Legalization of contraception use for unmarrieds

    Deeds: ??

    BobbyMac: “illogical”

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  • foobar, what I take away from your comment is that Deeds is a big unknown. Why should anyone want to vote for someone with so many question marks?

  • Clairese

    So far, we have learned that Mr. Deeds fights for the average Virginia worker, while Mr. McDonnell wants to give us MORE TOLLS!

    Mr. McDonnell has a plan for Virginia, but unfortunately, it appears that his plan includes selling the rights to our assets, such as roads (to foreign toll road companies) and our Ports (to foreign port operations companies).

    Mr. Deeds has stood-up for our working class, while Mr. McDonnell has aligned himself with the multinational interests, as well as with his old mentor, Pat “Grab your Antenna and Pray” Robertson.

    BTW: No extra rights for sodomites!

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