Why does negativity energize Democrats?

“Strangest gal I ever had,
never happy unless she’s mad”

That line from an Elvis/Roy Orbison song sums up Democrats in the current Virginia campaign.

While they were forced into talking about their handling of the economy, Democrats were almost asleep. Bloggers and reporters wrote about how lackluster Democrat politicos have been. Transportation? Their development of transportation solutions has been moving slower than a VDOT worker looking for leaks in the Hampton Roads Bridge tunnel.

But dig up a 20-year old college paper, and boy do the Democrats get excited!!!

Democrats still don’t have any answers to create jobs and turn this recession around. They still want to take over the health care industry like they’ve already taken over several industries. They still want to raise taxes. They still want to make energy more expensive while blocking development of energy resources.

Their candidate, Creigh Deeds, doesn’t have a clue what he’d want to do for Virginians, or if he does, he ain’t saying until after Election Day.

Now we know why Deeds has run away from debates (the only one he’s had with McDonnell, he talked about how social issues weren’t what he focused on).

Now his handlers have turned him into Kate Michelman.

The Creigh Deeds who spoke to bloggers about how destructive this focus on negative attack politics was? He’s gone. That Creigh Deeds apparently bored Democrat activists, with little to do between American Idol seasons, to inaction.

I know why Deeds is doing it. On issue after issue, his polling has undoubtedly told him that his solutions are pretty unpopular with voters. Know anyone begging for a tax increase?

But why are Democrat activists only excited by attacks? For all their talk about “issues,” they don’t seem to be very interested in them.

So off to college to find research papers. They’re easier to find than a Deeds policy proposal.

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