Of Deeds and Desperation

Recently, the Deeds campaign and the Democratic attack machine have tried to drive a wedge between Bob McDonnell and the people of Virginia. They must do this because they lack any real solutions of their own. The stories of these desperate actions on the part of the Democrats would be funny if they were not true.

Bob McDonnell is a social conservative. He has never tried to hide that. He has been straightforward about his record throughout this campaign. The Democrats have a vested interest in trying to suggest that McDonnell is hiding something. Those on the ground level of the campaign see that McDonnell is proudly standing behind his legislative record. It is time for the Democrats to stop their dishonest assertions about McDonnell.

Since Creigh Deeds has decided to attack McDonnell’s defense of the unborn, he now must answer some questions. Does he stand with the women who have sued Planned Parenthood for medical malpractice? Does he support partial-birth abortion? Does he support taxpayer funded abortion? These are questions that he must answer. He has brought this upon himself. He has always acted one way in Bath County and then another way in Charlottesville. It should not surprise us that he has one message in McLean and then another in Roanoke.

Perhaps you are reading this and you disagree with some of what McDonnell has said in the past. This much you can be assured of; McDonnell will always be honest about where he stands. With each passing day, across the ideological spectrum, it is becoming more clear; McDonnell is the candidate in this race that has the real solutions that will move this Commonwealth forward.

  • You write: “Bob McDonnell is a social conservative. He has never tried to hide that. He has been straightforward about his record throughout this campaign.”

    Are you serious? Bob Mcdonnell has been doing everything possible to paint himself as a moderate and hide his conservative record. Everytime Deeds mentions it, McDonnell simply refuses to talk about it.

    Seriously, your premise is so compeltely at odds with the facts. I suspect even your Conservative friends in the blogosphere, while they appreciate your making this argument, are chuckling over it at the same time, and are secretly grateful that you are willing to sacrifice your credibility in the service of defending McDonnell’s BCPs (Batshit Crazy Positions – TM – The Virginia Democrat) so that they don’t have to offer up their’s on the altar of blind partisanship.

  • aznew,

    Have you been to McDonnell’s website?: Yes or No

    Does McDonnell’s website contain an entire section on his social positions?: Yes or No

    Your side is asking the people of Virginia to believe you over their own eyes.

  • By the way, the answer to the second question asked in my above comment is Yes.

  • Aznew and the Dems operate from the belief that moderate Virginian’s can’t be right of center on social issues. They buy into the myth that the state has turned blue.

    Where does Deeds stand on the issues that matter? Why is he hiding from card check, saying it’s a federal issue while trying to tie McDonnell to Bush? Where are Deeds’s solutions for jobs, transportation, anything?

    Why is he off in California while he cronies fight an ugly battle over a paper written twenty years ago? Why are they arguing 20 year old words words over 18 years of deeds?

    Sad, really.

  • teacherken

    hmm – McDonnell now tries to insist he is a moderate, but his record in the House of Delegates conforms very much with thrust of thesis. So is his change only since he left the General Assembly?

    As far as Virginia, moderate Virginians do not want to ban abortion in the case of rape, nor do they oppose letting unmarried people have birth control, including the morning after pill in cases of sexual assault. McDonnell is on the opposite side on both of those issues. Perhaps that is why he doesn’t want to talk about social issues, because if he talks about it as he actually believes he turns off the moderate women who might well be the swing votes in this election?

  • Steven – of course I’ve been to his website, and it is fairly deceptive.

    for example, it states McDonnell is pro-life, but that means different things to different people. Bob’s view, that abortion should be outlawed in all circumstances except the life of the mother, is a minority view, supported by 18% of Virgnian’s according to polls. That’s why is says only that he is pro life, so as not to frighten away more moderate folks.

    Now, it may be effective. You could even argue that the words can be parsed to somehow be accurate. But they are not honest in any sense of being forthright and clear to folks.

  • Jason:

    You ask: “Why is [Deeds] hiding from card check, saying it’s a federal issue[?]”
    Uh, because it is.

    You continue: “while trying to tie McDonnell to Bush?”
    Because Mcdonnell tied himself to Bush by praising his economic plicies, and Creigh was responding.

    Sriously, guys, the Mcdonnell campaign is doing y’all a disservice by giving you these talking points to parrot without giving you all the facts so you can reach sensible conclusions on these matters.

  • I find it funny that this post is titled “Of Deeds and Desperation” because it anything it appears that Bob McDonnell is the one who is desperate to make this thesis issue disappear. Let’s face it, we all know why Bob McDonnell would rather have people refer to his website when it comes to social issues like abortion and everything else. This thesis is exactly what they didn’t want to come out when up till now the social issue hasn’t found any traction.

    Also, he noted that he should be judged on his legislative record and not his “former” conservative beliefs. If he is such a social conservative and has never attempted to “hide” from it then why is it his “former” conservative beliefs? So far in this election cycle the only GOP statewide candidate who is running a completely fearless conservative platform and not being ashamed to say it is the Cooch!

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