Deeds supports abortion for only the poor?

Since the Washington Post and Creigh Deeds seem to want to talk about abortion so much, despite the economy, jobs, transportation, education and a host of other issues seeming to be the dominant issues of the campaign, I think I’ll oblige them.

Creigh Deeds was recently speaking at a church radio talk show in Hampton Roads and had the opportunity to discuss abortion.

His statement on abortion is appalling…claiming that he’s “never been so poor or so desperate” to think about abortion as an option.

Does this mean the only people who should contemplate abortion are the poor and desperate? If that’s the case, should there be a litmus test on income before abortions are performed? What’s the desperation test?

Either Deeds wants to severely limit who is eligible for abortions, which might alienate his NARAL-base, or he thinks abortion should be limited to just the poor, effectively practicing culling of a segment of our society and taking away the “choice” for suburban women.

So, just what is Mr. Deeds “pro-choice” policy? He says he’s for a woman’s right to choose…but only if they’re “poor” or “desperate” it seems.