McDonnell gets key Farm Bureau endorsement

Creigh Deeds, who spent a better part of the month touring the rural areas of Virginia and touts his agrarian roots in Bath County, still was unable to manage gaining favor with the Virginia Farm Bureau.

Today, VirginiaAgPAC, the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation’s political action committee, gave the nod to the entire GOP statewide ticket, citing the ticket’s support for the protection of property rights, their position on agriculture and forestry concerns, and dedication to Virginia as a “right to work” state.

“Protecting the rights of property owners has been and continues to be a priority issue for Virginia Farm Bureau,” said Wayne F. Pryor, VFBF president and chairman of the Virginia AgPAC board of trustees.

Read the more about the endorsement from the Farm Bureau’s release after the jump:

McDonnell devoted considerable time to learning and understanding the practical effects of regulations on Virginia’s farmers during his term as attorney general.

“We look forward to having Mr. McDonnell in a position to explore the proper role of government and make changes to help Virginia’s $79 billion agriculture and forestry industry continue to thrive.”

McDonnell pledged to be an independent voice for all citizens of Virginia in dealing with federal changes being proposed in Washington, Pryor noted.

Bolling “has proven himself to be a friend of Virginia’s agricultural and forestry community. He has consistently supported the interests of farmers and agriculture,” Pryor said. “He is a strong supporter of Virginia’s Right to Work laws and creating a business-friendly environment.”

Cuccinelli also has been a leading advocate for eminent domain reform and preserving the rights of property owners.

“We wouldn’t have the changes to Virginia’s law in response to the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Kelo v. City of New London if it wasn’t for Ken Cuccinelli’s tireless efforts,” Pryor said. State legislation was enacted in 2007 to protect property owners from abusive land takings for purposes other than public use.

Many times the attorney general is called upon to interpret Virginia’s constitution and its application to laws pending before the General Assembly.

“We were very impressed with Mr. Cuccinelli’s knowledge of Virginia’s constitution and his view of the limited role of government,” Pryor said.

“We look forward to supporting these campaigns with in-kind contributions to help our membership better understand their positions on issues that have an impact on agriculture and forestry.”

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