DPVA supports partial birth abortion?

So, the DPVA spent another day yesterday talking about abortion instead of jobs. They attacked McDonnell’s career in the legislature by pointing to the votes he cast related to the abortion issue:

“Delegate McDonnell sponsored or co-sponsored bills every year he was in the legislature to restrict a women’s right to choose. Anti-choice legislation was, in fact, SUCH a priority to Bob that he was a player in 35 pieces of legislation. And, as Attorney General he defended anti-choice laws all the way to the Supreme Court.”

Never mind the fact that McDonnell spent 14 years in the legislature, so the bills they refer to amount to just over two a year – a very small percentage – compared to the literally thousands of bills consindered every session.

Never mind that he was a prolific legislator, sponsoring or co-sponsoring hundreds of bills over his legislative career, with a vast majority of those bills related to public safety, jobs, and the economy.

Never mind that some of the legislation they’re referring to is banning the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion – a very mainstream position that a majority of Virginians support.

No. Never mind that at all because it really doesn’t matter.

Remember only this: The Democrats have yet again shown failure in leadership.

While Virginians are suffering, they cater to their special interest groups. While Virginians face double-digit unemployement, they want to to increase unemployment more through “cap-and-trade”. While Virginians struggle with transportation, they have offered no transportation plan. While the state government faces budget deficit after budget deficit, they overestimate state revenues and prefer to raise taxes.

Can the difference between which candidate is more serious about leading Virginia be any more obvious? Can the differences between the political parties be more stark?