Deeds On Priorities

Today Democratic gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds took part in a live interview through the Times Dispatch where he took questions from the public. Yours truely happened to have his question asked first. Look, ma, I’m on virtual TV!

For those that don’t want to watch the video, my question was this:

During the VBA debate at the Homestead both candidates pledged to not make social issues a focus during this campaign. Yet, only a few weeks later your campaign has decided to run strongly on the issue of abortion. Why the change of heart and will your campaign continue to focus on social issues instead of issues like jobs, transportation, education and others?

Deeds response is more or less this:

This campaign is not about social issues… this is an important issue because it shows the difference in priorities.

So it’s not about social issues, but it’s about this social issue in regards to priorities.


Creigh Deeds has said in regards to his campaign that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. And he’s absolutely right. Nothing on transportation. Nothing on taxes. Nothing on education. Nothing on jobs. Nothing on the issues that matter.

But abortion? Well, we’ve seen a lot of talk out of his camp on that. Not that it’s an issue in this campaign or anything. Just that it’s an important issue that he would really really really like to highlight.

Thanks to Ryan Nobles at NBC12 for the video and a good write up.