Deeds flipflop on ABC

Creigh Deeds likes rearranging what’s on the table and off the table.

Today, it’s privatizing state-run ABC stores.

“The Deeds campaign said the Democrat is not necessarily opposed to privatizing ABC, saying it could be a piece of the puzzle to raise revenue. ‘It’s an option that should be on the table,’ Deeds campaign spokesman Jared Leopold said in the Washington Post.

But that was July 22. Three weeks is too long for Deeds to keep the same position.

“Deeds said McDonnell’s plan to privatize state-run ABC stores to generate revenue for transportation is not a viable option because proceeds from ABC sales are used to fund other programs. (Martinsville Bulletin)

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins quipped, “You practically have to set up a spreadsheet to chart which position Deeds has on any given issue on any given day. First he’s for it, then he’s against it. Or vice versa. Or something.”

Oh…and NOW Creigh Deeds says he’s against a tax increase, too.

At this rate, Deeds will be pro-life by Labor Day.

“No wonder he won’t agree to a full schedule of debates,” Chairman Mullins said. “He must spend most of every day having a lively discussion with himself.”

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  • Alter of Freedom

    Would love to see either candidate put forth a truly visonary plan to privatize both the ABC and the Virginia Lottery or at the very least lease the Lottery to a managment firm who could actually run it better and cheaper with higher rates of return. If memory serves, both the Lottery and ABC are classfied as State employees and wonder how much the State would save in salaries, benefits etc if that workforce were no longer on the State payroll.

  • I give Deeds credit for putting ABC privatization on the table. If he re-examined things, then good for him. His zero budgeting mentioned in that one article is also a good idea.

    Where do I have a problem with guys like Deeds and Saslaw? I know, Democrats, especially early on, are mandated to say that education is untouchable. Untouchable and “off the table”……….just the words that will attract every sheister and crook to get into school budgeting.

    Look, I’m all for the best education possible. It is worth spending good money on. That said, if its off the table and untouchable even in emergencies like we have now, that is just bad management!!! Either we have a transportation emergency that MAY or may not warrant a temporary cut in the growth of the education budget or we don’t. Those with salaries connected to the education budget don’t care about other emergencies? Do the teachers and students get all the bucks that they should percentage wise from the overall budgets allotted to education? I seriously doubt that. I laugh at Dick Saslaw saying that education is untouchable and that McDonnell raiding the general fund isn’t a plan. Thanks for the confession Dick! You consider the general fund not to be a general fund at all. You consider it an education fund. I guess we can have nothing else but education. And yet……..not every part of Virginia has educational opportunities on the same level that we enjoy in VB. So much for throwing endless piles of money at things not dealing directly with students and teachers.

    When you’re in debt to your eyeballs and transportation issues are crippling our ability to recover, NOTHING should be off the table. Well, unless all those times you said we had a transportation emergency so you could ask for more taxes was just a LIE! Just let me know what the truth is.

    Deeds opposing a tax increase kinda takes away the “never met a tax increase he didn’t like”. Good move.

    Deeds still has to get out of a hole he dug for himself. At least he’s thinking about going in the correct direction now.

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