Lee campaign highlights fundraising report as a precursor to state budget debates

In the 80th House of Delegates race in Portsmouth, Republican Jennifer Lee has more than $20K in the bank than her opponent. And, her opponent, Democrat Matthew James is nearly $15K in debt – and in debt for the second quarter in a row.

Lee highlighted this fact, stating that the financial management of James’ campaign is a likely indicator of fiscal irresponsibility and reckless spending should he be elected as delegate.

“I am running my campaign with the same principles that we must run Virginia. We cannot spend money that we do not have and must cut back on unnecessary programs by working to improve efficiency and budgetary transparency,” wrote Lee in a statement. “We need limited government and low taxes, and only by ensuring that as legislators we are financially responsible with government revenue can these things be accomplished.”

  • Where are you getting $20K? Both vpap and SBE show $4,801

  • Dah! I read this too quickly:

    “Jennifer Lee, Republican candidate for Virginia House of Delegates HD-80 has $20,000 more than her opponent after the most recent financial period ends.”

    My mistake in saying she has $20k in the bank.

    Doesn’t really change that James’ is $15K in debt….more than $10K more than the beginning of the quarter.

  • That makes more sense.

    To be honest, I think there’s something wrong with James’ filings. The number shouldn’t be negative. It should be shown in the unpaid debt stuff, not the account balance.

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