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Shannon Can’t Get A Bill Passed, Blames Cuccinelli

Democratic Attorney General nominee Steve Shannon has finally responded to Ken Cuccinelli’s call for special session [1] and wonders why Ken Cuccinelli couldn’t support a bill that didn’t even get out of a House subcommittee.

Shannon asks [2] why Cuccinelli did not support Shannon’s HB 3086 in 2007. Problem is, HB 3086 died in the Criminal Law subcomittee [3] of the House Committee of Criminal Justice.

Kinda gives you a sense of accomplishment, don’t it?

UPDATE: The Jaded JD, back from his sabbatical, calls the strike-out of Steve Shannon [4].

Strike One: Killed in committee –

[I]f I were Shannon, I don’t think I’d be shining a spotlight on how much I needed Ken Cuccinelli’s help to get my own bills passed in my own chamber of the General Assembly.  Why make yourself look ineffective?  It’s not like Cuccinelli killed the bill.

Strike Two: Shannon never came back to it –

So Shannon stopped caring about the issue after 2007?  (Or is he, again, dispassionate, unmotivated, or lazy?)

Strike Three: It’s moot! –

[H]ad Shannon’s bill become law, it wouldn’t have alleviated the current problem because it would itself be invalid under Melendez-Diaz.  What’s worse, by linking the bill to Melendez-Diaz and criticizing Cuccinelli for not supporting it, Shannon appears not to realize that.  That doesn’t inspire confidence in an Attorney General candidate.

This spectacular flailing show’s precisely the lack of understanding or concern on the issue that Ken Cuccinelli was talking about when asking why Steve Shannon was sleeping on this issue.  And that the attempt to get back on track on the issue is met with this awe inspiring trainwreck really doesn’t bode well for the Shannon campaign considering this was supposed to be Mike Henry’s triumphant introduction as Shannon’s campaign manager.

UPDATE 2: Cuccinelli responds here (PDF) [5].