Obama’s poll numbers sliding

What goes up, must come down.

Obama’s popularity in Virginia is now down below 50%, reflecting a trend that started in Ohio.

A new Public Policy Polling survey looking at how likely voters for this fall’s election view Barack Obama finds his approval rating at just 48%, with 46% disapproving.

Obama’s reviews are highly polarized with 95% of Democrats but only 9% of Republicans giving him good marks. His overall numbers are weak due to poor numbers among independents- 52% of them say they disapprove of Obama’s performance with only 38% giving him favorable ones.

(h/t: Examiner.com)

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  • Too much attempt at socialism.

    Most Virginians are proud of their country and the American way. Thus the slippage in ratings due to a run towards that socialism.

    America’s embrace of Ford over the socialized companies is another example. I believe Obama misread the mandate. The change America had in mind did not include becoming socialists.

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