Nye vs. Nye

The NRCC is calling for a debate between admitted supporter of the cap and trade bill, Rep. Glenn Nye, and admitted opponent of the cap and trade bill, Rep. Glenn Nye.

The event location? The Waffle House.

Politico piles on.

E-Mail #1 “You will be pleased to know H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, passed the House of Representatives on June 26th, 2009. The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 is a comprehensive approach that charts a new course toward a clean energy economy”

E-Mail #2 “You will be pleased to know I voted against H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act, because we do not need another tax on American families during this time of economic hardship,”

I always look forward to elected officials engaging in a strong clash between two different opinions on issues. I just never expected the two different opinions to be both Glenn Nye’s.

Unless, he was only trying to curry favor with constituents on both sides of the issue and wasn’t really being honest……now, he wouldn’t do that, would he?

  • Shane McNulty

    Shame on Nye and his bogus posturing. Good catch on the article, Brian.

  • Nye vs. Nye. Hehe, funny.

  • I love the principled stand he is taking… it’s enough to give poltiicians a bad name.

  • I wish to point out that this discrepancy in responses to a constituent was first exposed on VBDems.org. B.K. noted the discrepancy there and then highlighted it here on this site. Now even the NRCC has jumped on it.

    I commented on VBDems that I wondered if some staffer might not end up being fired over this.

  • After following the link provided by Brian, I am calling him out.

    Did the NRCC (National Republican Campaign Committee) really call for the debate at Waffle House, or did the challenge only originate at a blog (Politico)?

  • Calling who out? Politico mentions the NRCC.

  • So you are basing your facts upon everything Politico mentions?

    Seems there is no real basis that the NRCC got involved in this. I would mention that the NRCC might find political fodder on the issue if they chose to get involved. However there is no real evidence the NRCC is involved yet other then the imagination of some blogger over at Politico.

  • David, I got the Press Release from the NRCC.

    The only imagination I see is you trying to find a way to defend a Democrat caught “red-handed” trying to fool his constituents.

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  • Brian,

    I am wondering if the press release you now have came pre or post.

    I will now accept that the NRCC has released a rather amateurish You Tube video (will they pay to broadcast it before they polish it?) and made a verbatim statement that echoes the previous blogging statement (it was such a good statement it did not need polishing).

    I’m leaning towards that the NRCC is following the current and now contributing towards the movement by putting a paddle in the water.

  • I received the press release at 7:33 am 7-8-09.

    I’ll forward to you if you’d like, but as honored as I am by your accusations that we at Bearing Drift conspired with Politico to ensnare the NRCC in our plans, you’re sounding like a fool.

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