Facebook follies in Virginia Beach?

State Sen. Ken Stolle’s senate seat won’t be vacant until he wins election in November as Virginia Beach’s next sheriff, but already this coveted Senate seat is drawing some fierce competition between Jeff McWaters, a local businessman and Rosemary Wilson, Virginia Beach councilwoman.

The nomination fight (which we still don’t know whether it will be mass meeting, primary, canvass, et al.) recently gained some attention with a Facebook attack on McWaters.

According to VPAP, McWaters once gave $500 to Democrat Anthony Williams campaign for DC mayor and Pilot on Politics reported that he gave a $225 gift to then Gov. Mark Warner. Other than that, he’s donated over $100k to Republican causes.

Let’s hope this campaign, as it moves forward, sticks to the issues and doesn’t devolve into pettiness.

  • Hey, has there been any interest from anyone in the Republican Party in running Senator (Toll Road King) Wagner out of office?

    I am extremely interested in running that guy out of office. I can not get that guy to respond to me when I attempt to open the channels of communication. In fact a couple weeks after I asked him (without personal response) what was he going to do in his attempt to solve Virginia’s transportation problems with toll roads, he proposed it. My question to him was sarcastic, but he proposed much of what I asked based upon sarcasm.

    Can we get a Republican nominee that does not want to make every Virginia highway a toll road? What happens next? Will you be charged a toll for pulling your vehicle out of your driveway? That was sarcasm too, but I would not be surprised if Wagner supported it.

  • McWaters and Wilson? Surely there’s better candidates.

  • BlaineTaylorsGrandma

    You know who likes facebook? Jeff Frederick

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