Creigh Deeds raises taxes

It’s been a long time since the Democrats nominated a candidate for Governor who was actually in the legislature. (1993, to be exact, and don’t you know I LOVE another comparison to that year.)

Don Beyer, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine could all do the “I’m not going to raise taxes” spiel with no voting record to deny and to suggest they might was to commit some grave sin of prevarication.

But Deeds does have a record, a long, long list of voting for tax increase after tax increase. Deeds voted for regional tax increases for Hampton Roads the same time he voted for massive tax increases across the state (we in Hampton Roads got a double whammy).

“The Deeds campaign has passed the point of no return on his reckless record of supporting virtually every tax hike to come before him in the General Assembly.” Virginia Virtucon

“Turns out that even the Post’s need for balance couldn’t get the paper past Criegh Deeds’ massive tax-hike record.” Right-Wing Liberal

No, the Washington Post couldn’t ignore a record this long.

“For instance, since 2004, Deeds has supported five proposals that included some form of increase in the gas tax… One of those bills would have raised that tax by 5 cents a gallon over five years — it was proposed in 2008, when gas prices were rising. Another proposal from 2008 would have combined a boosted gas tax with a 25-cent increase in the sales tax and a 0.5 percent increase in the sales tax on cars. ” (WaPo)

The article states Deeds “does not intend to propose a tax increase.” Since when? He sure makes a great habit of voting for them.

Mark Warner could get away with his “I will not raise your taxes” line just like Tim Kaine could forget his pledge to not raise taxes until the transportation trust fund was protected. They didn’t have voting records in the General Assembly.

This one is great. Who said this?

“Any tax increase … any fee increase — or if we can think of any word that’s a synonym for fees — any revenue increase that is proposed into a transportation system, a trust fund, that’s not locked up and protected will be vetoed,” (WaPo)

Tim Kaine! Right before he spent four years pushing tax increases.

Democrats can’t play that game this year. Like Mary Sue Terry, Creigh Deeds has a record that tells us how much to believe him.

And Deeds speak louder than words.

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  • It is not just my opinion that raising the fuel tax is the fairest, most efficient method of raising additional revenue for transportation needs, it is also the opinion of the vast number of those who make their living off of hauling freight over the roadways.

    It is not like McDonnell is not going to raise revenue, he wants to raise his revenue by collecting tolls. This method of raising revenue has to be the least efficient because such a large percentage of the tolls collected are expended on the costs of collecting them.

    If he pointed out that putting all those Virginia citizens to work manning the tollbooths was a good thing because of the high unemployment rate? Well I would be forced to admit he had a point, but I also would add in the same breath that he is in favor of the big government solution.

  • Steve Vaughan

    Little David,
    Also, we need transportation improvements to relieve traffic congestion. Tolling creates bottlenecks whcih increase congestion. If you think I-95 through NOVA is bad now, add a couple of toll plazas.

  • Steve,

    While this might appear that I am arguing against myself, it is not. It is just my attempt to be fair.

    One of the disgraced former Governor of Illionois’ (Rod Blagojevich) successes was “Open Road” tolling in Northern Illinois. As long as you have the required transponder, your toll is taken without your even backing off the fuel pedal. Yes, toll booths are still required (not every traveler has a transponer), and numerous employees are still required to man them, but anyone with the transponder can bypass the tollbooths. However I am going to add that Illinois had to more then double tolls to pay for all of these wonderful “Open Road” toll facilities.

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