Well-funded gubernatorial campaigns

Joe Abbey, Creigh Deeds’ campaign manager, issued a statement today, imploring donors to give another $100K to the Deeds campaign by Jun. 30.

Using the same old tired rhetoric about McDonnell’s “extreme social and economic agenda” (you mean the one that wants to create jobs, stimulate the economy, and keep taxes low?), Abbey also lays out this whopper:

These ads, and McDonnell’s whole campaign, will be well-funded by out-of-state interests and the national Republican party. These are the same people who led the fight for the agendas of Gilmore, Bush and McCain.

The implication is that Deeds is not getting big money from out-of-state either. Hmmm…I guess that $3 million that the Democratic Governors Association is fronting for that lame organization, “[No] Common Sense Virginia”, is all Virginia-based? And those folks didn’t support the likes of Kennedy, Schumer, Pelosi, and Reid, and Deeds, eh?

Please. We all know this is going to be a heavily watched and heavily funded campaign on both sides from special interests – but especially for Democrats from Unions who oppose card check to Northeastern liberal elitists who don’t support McDonnell’s principled values.

The days of the Deeds’ campaign playing the “poor, simple candidate” are over. Even the last time Deeds and McDonnell squared-off the Deeds campaign was still well-funded…certainly better than the advantage they claim McDonnell had.

Deeds is going to get all the help he needs directly from national special interest groups…if not directly, they’re going to spend it on his behalf through a 527.

So, Mr. Abbey, spare us the desperation.

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  • Also throw in $100,000 to Deeds directly from the DGA…

  • Bruce Jacobson

    ” keep taxes low?”

    You mean when he was behind HB3202 that created more government, run by unelected bureaucrats (not elected to the regional govt body) that levied more taxes, higher taxes, more tolls, higher tolls and fee’s beyond comprehension? That same big government higher taxes scheme that the State Supreme Court ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL? Or was it the Warner Tax increase that McDonnell champtioned? (Editor’s note- McDonnell voted against the Warner tax)
    Which “lower taxes” are you refering to?

  • Mr. Jacobson,
    I suggest you spend a little more time on this blog and research your positions better before you start spreading talking points that just aren’t true.

    As stated here over and over again, HB 3202 was amended by the governor to include the components of the bill you find so objectionable. The bill was then overwhelmingly passed by both Democrats and Republicans in the General Assembly due to the perceived necessity in 2007 to get something done.

    There were some objections, but not many.

    However, there is only one of the two candidates running who actually voted for HB3202 in its unconstitutional form: Sen. Creigh Deeds. Bob McDonnell did not, as he was not in the legislature. So, the only one of the two candidates who actually had something to do with 3202 is Sen. Deeds.

    Your comments are misdirected.

  • Mr. Jacobson, your comment is an outright lie.

    Bob McDonnell voted AGAINST the Warner tax increase.

    Look it up. HB 5018 in 2004

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